How do I Setup for Flying with DroneDeploy

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Before anything else, it is IMPORTANT to know what you need to do before leaving the house to fly!

Step-by-Step guide on setting up for flight:

  1. Check that your mobile device OS and DroneDeploy and DJI Go Apps are fully Updated.
  2. Check Drone Firmware in DJI Go/Go4/Flight app.
  3. If flying in an internet-deprived area ensure all flights are downloaded for offline use prior to leaving for the flight.
  4. In the Field, Confirm Flight Readiness and ensure the correct flight mode for automated flight is selected for your drone.
  5. Calibrate drone compass and IMU(if necessary).
  6. Complete In-Flight Safety Precautions. (RTH settings, C2 link loss fail safes, Home point calibration, etc.)
  7. Help Promote a Strong Signal between Drone and Controller. (Maintain VLOS - Visual line of sight with the drone at all times with little to no obstructions that could affect the C2 link - controller and drone link).
  8. Maintain readiness to take manual control of the drone throughout the mission.

See the more in-depth overview of how to: Setup for Flying with DroneDeploy.

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