What is DroneDeploy

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DroneDeploy is the easiest and fastest solution to build aerial maps and models.

You can think of our service as having two components:

1) Flight Automation and Data Capture
Customers flying DJI drones can capture imagery using the DroneDeploy mobile app. This will simplify flight planning as well as ensure appropriate coverage and overlap of imagery.

Download our iOS or Android App for free, and see our What Do I Need to Start Mapping? article to getting ready for your first flight:

DroneDeploy iOS app on the App Store

DroneDeploy Android app on Google Play

2) Data Processing and Analysis
Process data from your DroneDeploy flight, or use our map engine to process imagery from any drone. One of the big differences between DroneDeploy and other alternatives is that we do the processing for you in the cloud so that you don't need to use desktop processing power.

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