SlantRange and Multispectral Imagery for Plant Health

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DroneDeploy supports the upload of multispectral imagery for robust plant health analysis.

What Kind of Multispectral Imagery is Supported for Upload?

This article will go over SlantRange cameras and support, however, DroneDeploy supports the upload and capture of Multispectral Imagery from the many sensors including the Mavic 3 Multispectral, Phantom 4 Multispectral, MicaSense, SLANTRANGE, and Sentera cameras.


(Mavic 3 Multispectral Processing) Since the M3M does not have a blue band, you can upload the 4 bands (red, green, RE, NIR) to produce the orthos and conduct Plant Health analysis. 

Multispectral uploads are only supported via the Legacy uploader.

Why should I consider a SLANTRANGE camera?

Very sophisticated agricultural mappers looking for calibrated, multi-spectral plant health analysis should consider a SLANTRANGE camera in order to capture high-quality, accurate data over time.

Learn more about SLANTRANGE technology
See here for more information on the technology behind the sensor.

Which camera is supported?

The SLANTRANGE 3p and 3px are compatible with DroneDeploy. Be sure to enable '3rd Party Camera' in your user settings. DroneDeploy does not control or command this 3rd party Slantrange camera: The Slantrange app does.

The Slantrange 3p

The Slantrange 3PX

How to Fly with Slantrange

Install the SLANTRANGE app in the DroneDeploy App Market to enable:

  • Direct communication between the 3PX and the flight controller
  • Automatic configuration of the flight planner
  • Detailed 3PX status; prevents conducting flights when the 3PX is not ready or configured incorrectly - 3PX initialization integrated into pre-flight checks
  • Start and stop image capture Image counter
  • Real-time sunlight measurements to optimize data collections
  • Display SD card usage
  • Format SD card
  • Generate 3PX log files
  • Calibrate 3PX gyros and accelerometers

How to upload your datasets

SLANTRANGE data is compatible on Individual, Advanced, Teams, and Enterprise DroneDeploy subscriptions

First, go to the project you would like to add a map to. Then navigate to the upload page on the top of your browser. Select New Upload.

Choose Select your Slantrange files from the bottom of the panel.

Select your .tif files

Your images will begin uploading:

When your map is complete, you'll receive an email.

What is my data displaying?

You'll notice that when your data is complete, your resulting map is blue on the 2d layer:

2D orthomosaic

When you upload your dataset, the 4 bands are converted into 3 bands with the appropriate algorithm. When you select the Plant Health layer, the appropriate band order will be automatically selected.

Should you use a 5 band sensor like the RedEdge the 5-band multispectral export layers are in blue, green, red, red edge, and near-infrared, in that order.

Band order for SLANTRANGE is automatically applied
The RGN Filter will be automatically applied. DroneDeploy reads the embedded information in the images in order to apply the correct band order.

GCPs are not supported for Multispectral Maps.

Our five-band multispectral exports are in blue, green, red, red-edge, and near-infrared order.

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