Viewing Your Ground Data

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Welcome to the "Viewing Your Data" section, a dedicated space designed to empower you with insights into exploring and analyzing your captured data within the DroneDeploy platform. Whether you've collected aerial imagery, 360-degree photos, or Walks, this section serves as your guide to making the most of your visual data. Discover how to navigate through your projects, utilize viewing features, and gain valuable perspectives for informed decision-making. Let's embark on a journey of visualization and exploration within DroneDeploy.

Media Groups

Automatically group media in close proximity through time, preview media via side panel, and see media grouped together as you zoom out.

Media Gallery

Multiple photos in the same location (from a walk or 360 pano) will be visible in the media gallery. If only one photo exists in a location all other photos from the project will be viewable in the media gallery. 

X-Ray Mode

Align previously taken photos with your phone camera in the Mobile Ground app. This will provide an overlay of a previous photo and the live feed from your camera to see behind closed up walls or poured concrete while on site.

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 16.46.25.png


Divide projects into areas of interest and find the latest media grouped by location.

Add Locations

Select “Add” under the Overlays tab then scroll down to Locations. Using the polygon, rectangle or radius tool, draw around the location and then name and group (by location type) the location appropriately.

Issue Reports

Create an Issue Report for specific walk conducted on your job site. Select the date and the individual walk then select Print to save the report as a .pdf.

Progress Reports

Discover automatically generated progress reports that display panos, videos and photos from your job site. Note: Both aerial and ground media will be displayed and walks are not included.

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