RC Pro Controller Compass Calibration

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To calibrate the compass of your DJI RC Pro controller, please follow the steps below after turning on the remote controller:


1. Swipe down on the screen to access the settings menu, and tap the gear icon at the upper right corner to access the settings page.

2. Find the "Compass Calibration" option and tap "Start Calibration."

3. Move the remote controller to draw an "8-figure" path as indicated.

4. The controller will show "Calibration Complete" once the process is finished.

5. It's important not to touch the screen while performing the calibration to avoid accidentally exiting the calibration page.

6. If the compass calibration fails, restart the remote controller and follow the steps again. If the issue persists, contact DJI support for further assistance.


Users have reported some issues with the compass calibration not being completed properly. However, updating the controller's firmware to the latest version might resolve these issues. Some users have also succeeded by performing the calibration steps, even if the on-screen prompts seem to need to progress as expected.


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