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What drones are compatible?

M30T with the DJI Dock 1. DJI Dock 2 will support M3D and M3DT. You can’t use an existing M30 or M3 Drone to use on the dock. The Dock 1 and Dock 2 will only support the M30T and M3D/M3DT drones that come with the dock purchase.


How fast is the charging time?

The DJI Dock 2 will charge to 90% within the dock within 32 minutes.


Can we virtually troubleshoot if issues arise?

Yes as long as the dock is connected to the DD integration, then the DD support team can remotely assist. Please reach out to support@dronedeploy.com


Can I remotely operate the dock if there is a Part 107-certified person on site to act as the observer?

You can remotely plan, start and watch flights, but you need to have a person onsite with part 107 in the US with the controller connected to the drone as controller B. You will need to have live communications with the pilot and make sure they have cleared the flight to go ahead. They are technically the PIC so need to keep the drone within visual line of sight the whole time.


Do I still need to manually tag my GCPs once the data has been automatically uploaded to DroneDeploy?

Yes. At this stage, you need to do this after the map has been processed and then reprocessed with GCPs.


What’s the Dock SN?

The Dock Serial Number is needed to identify it. To find it, connect the remote controller and dock using a USB cable. Then, deploy the dock in DJI Pilot 2 and enter Local Debug Mode to check the dock SN. Alternatively, you can open DJI FlightHub 2 and go to Devices to find the dock SN.


Do I need to adjust the altitude if my take off location has changed with the dock?

Yes, adjust the altitude if your take off location changes with the dock. Consider the new take off point when planning your flights. If you lower the dock by 20 feet, add this to your previous altitude setting. For example, if you previously set an altitude for a panorama at 100 feet, adjust it to 120 feet.


Can I chain missions in Dock Automation?

We're currently developing mission chaining, allowing you to queue up your flight missions. While it's not available yet, it is planned to be rolled out by the end of Q2.

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