How do I connect my RC Pro to WiFi or my mobile hotspot?

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You will need the RC Pro Controller to operate the M3E/M3T drone. To ensure the best experience with DroneDeploy and maintain a stable connection during flight, we recommend pairing your mobile device or hotspot with your RC Pro Controller before using DroneDeploy in the field.


To connect your mobile device to your RC pro controller, turn on the controller. Please ensure your mobile device is nearby and can connect to external devices.


1. Open the settings tab on your controller


(Before using your device as a hotspot in the field, please ensure that your cellular carrier permits data sharing. Also, please make sure you perform all initial setup and controller connections in an area with strong Wi-Fi and cellular signals.)


2. Locate the network and Internet settings. 


From here, you Can connect to local Wi-Fi networks, mobile networks, and hotspots.


In Hotspot and Tethering, you will see three options: tether by USB or Bluetooth from your cellular device and connect to Wi-Fi.


After selecting the preferred connection method, you can find your network or device and connect both the controller and mobile device. To test the connection, you can open the Firefox tab on your controller and conduct an Internet search to ensure everything runs smoothly. Once the connection is verified, you can log into the DroneDeploy app normally and proceed with your missions.







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