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Capture from the human perspective with the DroneDeploy Walkthrough App. In just three simple steps, you will have high-quality 360 captures of your most important projects. You'll never need to remove the SD card and your walkthroughs will be ready for you shortly after capture!

Your inspections can also be synced to your existing tools like Procore, BIM360, and many more.



Only compatible with iPhones. Please see our full list of Supported iOS iPhones here. Compatible with Insta 360 One R, Insta 360 One X and Insta 360 One X2 and various other cameras which can be seen here: https://help.dronedeploy.com/hc/en-us/articles/14523668380439. More devices coming soon! 


Capture Photo Reports With The Walkthrough App!

You now have the ability to capture Photo Reports using the Walkthrough App. Available to all trial users, or customers with a 360 walkthrough subscription. Learn more about Photo Reports & Mobile Capture here and our paid subscription plans or start your trial today.


DroneDeploy Walkthrough App at a glance: 

- Capture with the settings that are tuned for best processing in DroneDeploy and reduce the file size by up to 10x (timelapse)

- Align your media from the field to the satellite basemap. Design file support coming soon! 

- Transfer your 360 camera data to the iOS device automatically

- Automatically upload your media from the iOS device to the cloud and to the appropriate project



How to access and download the Walkthrough App 



- Open the App Store on your iPhone and search "DroneDeploy Walkthrough App". Download the app to your device. 


- Once downloaded log in to the app using your existing DroneDeploy log-in credentials (if you are having trouble logging into your account contact Support@dronedeploy.com). 



Capturing data with the Walkthrough App


Step 0: Create a Project using the Desktop App or Walkthrough app

4787B25E-5018-4BFA-8C4C-0EE9D76F2188.png  create_project.png

Step 1: Select Project, Connect to Wi-Fi, and Pair Supported 360 Camera

- Once logged in to the App you will see your existing projects



- Tap into a project and follow the prompts to connect to the supported 360 camera's Wi-Fi

*For best performance a device with cellular capability should be used* 




- Once the camera is connected to the device a preview of the camera feed will appear. Click on the record button at the bottom of the screen in order to select your starting location. 



Step 2: Align Walkthrough and Start Capture 

There are two ways to align your Walkthrough:


1. Choose your starting location based on the existing aerial base map. 

- Click Continue once the starting point is selected to start the timelapse




 2. Select a level and align to a floor plan from the layers tray

Note: Levels and floor plans must be set up from DroneDeploy web. We’ll refresh the app regularly when we have a data connection in order to reflect the latest Level management changes from DroneDeploy web.

- Click Continue once the starting point is selected to start the timelapse


unnamed.png    unnamed-1.png

Avoid walking in a loop

Walkthrough path reconstruction errors can occur when you end your walk in the same place as you started. Avoid making a perfect loop, and instead, strive to keep your start and end locations at least 20 meters apart.


There will be no live feed during timelapse capture:

Once capture is complete click on the record button at the bottom of the screen.





Step 3: End Capture and Upload Data

- Once you have completed the capture choose your ending location. Once selected click Continue and the transfer process will start automatically. 



- We’ll remember the layer you told us you started on for ending selection - remember, best practice is to walk one level per capture, and separate exterior/interior walkthroughs:




- Keep the camera connected and 360 Walkthrough App open while transfer is taking place. Uploads can be completed on a cellular connection or over Wi-Fi once you disconnect from the camera’s Wi-Fi.




- Once the transfer has been completed your 360 Walkthrough will begin to upload. There will be an upload indicator at the bottom right of the screen that shows the in-progress upload.



- Users should leave the app open and connected to a good data connection until the upload indicator disappears that lets the user know the upload is complete.


- Once an upload is complete, processing will automatically begin and the user will receive an email when complete. The email will contain a link to confirm alignment on the project.



Media Gallery: 

The new Media gallery in the Walkthrough App allows users to view the Walkthrough upload status, review snapshots of past captures, organized by date, and share Walkthroughs. 







App, Hardware & Capture:

  • What iOS device can I use for Walkthrough? At release, Walkthrough will only be available on iPhones.
  • What App market does this live in? iOS App Store
  • What kind of hardware will Walkthrough support? The complete list can be found here: Supported Hardware for Walkthrough.
  • How does the iOS device connect with the camera wifi? Through Bluetooth connection
  • Does the Walkthrough App allow for mobile upload of video captures? Yes
  • Does there need to be wifi connection or just cellular? There needs to be wifi to connect to the camera, but uploads can be completed on a cellular connection.
  • How do I know what camera settings to use? Once the camera is connected we will automatically establish the correct time-lapse settings.


  • How does the Walkthrough App sync with projects in DroneDeploy? You will log into the App using your existing DroneDeploy credentials.
  • Best practices for optimate upload experience? Connect to Wi-Fi after file transfers from camera to device. You will not be able to upload on Wi-Fi while the app is connected to the camera via Wi-Fi.
  • Does Walkthrough allow for single pano uploads? Yes - app versions 1.27.0 and above support 360 Pano capture.
  • Is this timelapse only or can you choose a continuous video? Timelapse only
  • Can I view & navigate the Walkthrough from the app? No - the media gallery only shows snapshots of each walk, organized by capture date. View and share processed Walkthroughs from the DroneDeploy web app.
  • How does sharing work from the Walkthrough App? Today, shareable link available from the media gallery provides a view-only link to the project on the web - works the same as public share links
  • How can I tell if my walkthrough is uploading successfully? Review upload progress in the Media Gallery. Successful uploads will appear with an additional icon on the Walkthrough in the gallery in app versions 1.27.0 and later.
  • Can I view and align to ortho maps from the Walkthrough App yet? No - the scope of this release is to support alignment and upload to floor plans and levels. Exterior walkthroughs can still be aligned to the satellite map.
  • Does Walkthrough work offline?
    At this time we don't have offline functionality for the Walkthrough app. Look for updates in future versions of the app. If you need to work remotely, we recommend creating and navigating to the project on the app before heading to the remote environment.
  • Can you take any additional actions such as trimming and cutting out parts of the video? No - videos cannot be viewed or edited. Only snapshots can be viewed.


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