Activity Notifications

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Activity notifications are available in the UI and allow for improved visibility into the actions happening in your DroneDeploy account. These notifications will help users see what has been recently processed within their projects (ie: maps, videos, panos, and walkthroughs). 

Activity notifications will be shown for all Lite, Individual, Teams, and Enterprise plans.

The activity notifications are indicated by the small bell icon in the upper right corner of the DroneDeploy UI. 

Screen_Shot_2022-01-11_at_1.50.05_PM.png FAQs

Who receives the notifications?

Each user will receive notifications for all of the projects they have access to (view, edit, …)

Can you control what notifications you get?

Not at this time

What do users get notified about?

To start, only processed maps, videos, panos, and walkthroughs

Can you turn notifications off / on at mass?

Not at this time

Does tagging users on issues notify you?

Not at this time

Does being added to another project notify you?

Not at this time

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