360 Pano Capture & Upload for Walkthrough

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Capturing 360 Panoramas with DroneDeploy has never been easier! Now with the Walkthrough app and your Supported 360 Camera, you have the ability to capture not only aerial 360 Panos but also ground 360 Panos to include in your Projects making them that much more in-depth.

Capture 360 Panoramas With The Walkthrough App!
Customers now have the ability to capture 360 Panoramas using the Walkthrough App. Available to all trial users and paid customers. Learn more about our paid subscription plans or start your trial today.

How does 360 Pano Capture work?

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Capture & Upload 360 Panoramas from the Walkthrough App To DroneDeploy

  1. Log into the Walkthrough app, select your project, and connect your 360 camera.
  2. Select 360 Pano, and tap the button to capture - hold the camera still while the photo is being captured.
    unnamed__7_.png    unnamed__6_.png
  3. Select your location on the map, or on a floor plan for a Level and hit Continue - your 360 Pano will be auto-uploaded to DroneDeploy.
    unnamed__5_.png    unnamed__4_.png
  4. Review your 360 Pano in the Walkthrough App media gallery, and open DroneDeploy web to view it in context of your other project media.

How to View the captured 360 Panoramas in DroneDeploy

The workflow used when viewing 360 Panos will remain the same with the 360 Pano Capture functionality within the Walkthrough app.

To view the 360 Panos you will need to select either the Project and Level the Walkthrough app captured 360 Pano was uploaded to.

The walkthrough will be shown in the "Photos, Video, and Pano" section of the Project Dashboard. By filtering out the Panos you will be able to view your walkthroughs captured for the Project and Select the Pano you would like to view from the Project.


(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions



  • Users must connect to their 360 camera in order to capture 360 Panos
  • Insta 360 One R, One X, and X2 are supported today


  • 360 Panos can be captured without problem  in GPS-denied environments - the user will mark their location, allowing for accurate geolocation in DroneDeploy
  • 360 Panos can be captured without problem in offline environments - the ‘Mark Location’ screen can be skipped, the photo will be uploaded once the connection is restored and geolocated by default at the phone’s GPS location is available, or project center as a fallback
  • 360 Panos  will be uploaded automatically to DroneDeploy once you have a data connection - file sizes are small compared to walkthroughs, and uploads are speedy once the connection is good


  • 360 Panos are listed in the sidebar under ‘Photos, Videos, and Panos’
  • Issues on Panos are not yet supported
  • 360 Panos do not appear on progress media reports today
  • 360 Panos can be viewed today from the Flight app on mobile
  • 360 Panos can be shared via Single date or full project public share links

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