360 Walkthrough FAQs

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A general overview of walkthrough issues based on the most frequently asked questions that are encountered when using DroneDeploy's Walkthrough functionality on the Mobile app & Manual capture methods. 

Top 3 Walkthrough Question Topics:
  • Walkthrough Alignment.
  • Walkthrough App Upload.
  • Walkthrough Quality.

These walkthrough frequently asked questions are broken down into 3 categories based on the questions asked by customers. These categories are General, Upload, and Quality.



Q: What camera can I use for walkthrough capture with DroneDeploy?

A: We recommend using the Insta360 OneRS 1-Inch as our primary preferred camera for capture when using the DroneDeploy walkthrough app and alternatively the ONE R, ONE X, or ONE X2.

However, you are also able to capture these walkthroughs using your preferred 360 camera so long as the data capture meets our walkthrough requirements for successful processing with DroneDeploy. These requirements can be found here: 360 Walkthroughs


Walkthrough Quality:

Q: Why does my processed walkthrough not accurately represent the path I walked during capture? 

A: This can be caused by a myriad of reasons, with some of the main reasons being that there are consistent artifacts within the captured walkthrough that take up part of the 360 view, speed of capture, and environmental factors such as a homogenous project site with little to no variation. These are some of the main factors that affect the stitching of the walkthrough path. Reaching out to Support@dronedeploy.com for further investigation would be needed to know the exact cause and how to prevent the issue from occurring in future walks that are captured.

Q: Why is my walkthrough not aligned to my project? (The walkthrough is smaller or bigger than the plan it is uploaded)

A: Walkthroughs that are not captured using the walkthrough app and walkthroughs that are captured using the walkthrough app but no start or end points are specific will need to be manually aligned by placing the start and end markers to manually align/scale the walkthrough to the project site at which the walkthrough was captured.

Q: Why is my walkthrough path shown as a straight line after processing?

A: Usually this is caused when the walkthrough was captured at a faster pace than what is recommended for successful capture, the walkthrough capture had consistent objects shown in the majority of 360 view during the capture from start to end, and the capture environment was homogenous (little to no variation during capture).

Q: I received a processing failure email for my walkthrough. Why did my walkthrough fail to process?

A: Determining the cause of the failure would be difficult to pinpoint without further investigation. There are instances a reprocess would simply be needed and others where Engineering input would be needed. Reaching out to support@dronedeploy.com will be necessary to understand what caused the failure.



Q: If my walkthrough app upload fails how do I upload the walkthrough?

A: We currently do not have a ‘Retry’ option when using the walkthrough app that would allow for a retry to upload the failed upload file. What will be needed here is a manual upload of the walkthrough data through the desktop version of DroneDeploy. We have a detailed article here that highlights the steps to performing this manual upload: Walkthrough Upload & Processing

Q: My 360 Pano failed to upload. How do I upload the Panorama now?

A: Failed 360 Pano uploads captured using the Walkthrough app will need to be exported from the Insta360 native app as a PNG. There is currently no workaround to uploading these failed uploads. Reaching out to Support@dronedeploy.com will be needed for further assistance getting these Panos uploaded.

Q: Why is my walkthrough upload not progressing/completing, it’s been over an hour now. (Upload through the walkthrough app stuck on a percentage)

A: Usually this occurs when the walkthrough upload has been interrupted by means of changing an internet connection during upload or losing internet connection during upload. A cloud icon is shown when the upload has failed to proceed. If a percentage is shown to not be progressing there is a high likelihood the upload transfer was interrupted.


Walkthrough App:

Q: Does the walkthrough app need an internet connection to be used?

A: Yes, a stable internet connection is needed during the capture and upload of the walkthrough. 

Q: Can I background the walkthrough app during capture?

A: Yes, The Walkthrough app can be backgrounded during capture. Please note that the app must not be closed during capture even when backgrounded because this will disrupt the capture.

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