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DroneDeploy offers powerful API to help Enterprise developers and app development partners to generate, display, measure, integrate, and back up drone data.

The API can be used to directly integrate the data collected and processed with DroneDeploy into your own applications and services.


DroneDeploy offers different API types, depending on your development needs:

  • Recommended: GraphQL API - DroneDeploy uses GraphQL for our main API technology. Using our GraphQL API you can create, read, and update data in the DroneDeploy platform. To learn more about our GraphQL API and to try it out with our API Explorer, check out our Developer Documentation.
  • Javascript API - DroneDeploy offers a Javascript API for developers to build apps directly into the DroneDeploy user interface. For more information about our Javascript API, check out our Developer Documentation and App Market.
  • REST API - DroneDeploy’s REST API is our legacy API. Our REST API is no longer under active development, however you may still use it. We recommend checking out our updated, more capable GraphQL APIs. 


Using the API Explorer

You can use our API Explorer to graphically make API calls and test scenarios without needing to generate an API Key. This is great for exploring what is possible with the DroneDeploy GraphQL API. Note: This requires Logging into DroneDeploy. Queries and Mutations are run on real data within your DroneDeploy account.


Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 11.51.28 AM.png



Generating an API Key

Enterprise users may generate the API key from the Account Preferences section of the upper left-hand menu of the DroneDeploy dashboard:

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 11.53.13 AM.png

Select Generate to create a key and copy using the blue Copy button.


**Save this for your records.
In the event the key is lost, you'll need to generate a new key and the previous key will be voided.**


You're now ready to use the DroneDeploy API!


Lost API Key?

If you've previously had an API key but lost access, you'll need to generate a new one for security purposes. To do so - follow the same workflow as above, however, you should be presented with a warning: 


Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 11.54.39 AM.png


REST API Announcement
The REST APIs in this documentation are our legacy APIs and no longer under active development. Please go to our API explorer page and our developer page. for our new more capable GraphQL based APIs.



Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does DroneDeploy have plans to decommission the REST API?

No. While the REST API is no longer under active development, there are currently no plans to decommission. 


  • Does DroneDeploy offer services to help customers develop and integrate it’s API with customer systems?

Your DroneDeploy account team is happy to provide guidance and answer any questions you have related to using and integrating with our API, however, we do not offer development services to customers at this time. 

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