Zero to Hero Video Onboarding

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Whether you are brand new to drones or just new to working with DroneDeploy, this video series will show you all the key components for you to get started and be successful with DroneDeploy.

This video is an overview of creating a project for persistent results of the same geographical location.

1) Creating your First Project

With DroneDeploy you can quickly and easily manage all of your projects. In this section, we'll go over how to create your first project within DroneDeploy. This video reviews how to create and edit a flight template.

2) Planning your First Flight

DroneDeploy makes it easy to automatically fly your drone, capture imagery, and make aerial maps or 3D models. In this video, we cover how to use the DroneDeploy app to create your first flight template.

3) Processing Maps with DroneDeploy

With DroneDeploy, you can easily upload and process drone images, data, and ground control points (GCPs) to create accurate, high-resolution aerial maps. In this section, we'll go over how to process datasets within DroneDeploy. Map Engine processing is a paid feature for our customers.

4) Exploring Maps & Models

DroneDeploy makes it easier than ever to get an aerial view of your job site. In this video, we'll cover how to explore processed maps and 3D models, take accurate measurements, make annotations, export data, and generate data exports.

5) Sharing Maps & Generating Reports

Collaboration is simple with DroneDeploy. In this video, we cover how to export your data and generate reports that can be shared with a member of your team, or other stakeholders.

6) Leveraging the App Marketplace

Unleash the full power of DroneDeploy with a growing ecosystem of industry-leading tools and services tailored to fit your needs. In this video, we cover how you can leverage the DroneDeploy App Market to extend workflows and customize your DroneDeploy experience.

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