Esri Integration

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We made it convenient to see all your DroneDeploy data in ESRI!

If you don’t yet have ESRI integration, contact Sales or Support ( to schedule the demo. 



ESRI integration works now with WFS (Beta) and WMTS services available to load from DroneDeploy to ESRI both on the Organization level and Individual project levels.  

Both WFS and WMTS are available for ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, ArcGIS enterprise, and ArcGIS API for JavaScript. 

Learn more about WFS
Learn more about WMTS


Organizational level:


WMTS layer: Available October 6th 

Layers are available through ArcGIS server connections

Your WMTS layer URL will follow this format:{organization_id}?api_key={api_key}


WFS layer:

The URL will follow this format:{organization_id}?api_key={api_key}

WFS will output 4 layers:

Projects, Maps, Media, and Issue. Every layer contains links back to DroneDeploy to be able to view the media. 




Project Level: 

On a project level, we have introduced a sidebar integration functionality that displays WMTS map tiles and WFS features. Simply copy the link and add it as a web layer to ArcGIS online or as a server connection to ArcGIS Pro.

DroneDeploy all map WMTS layer

Getting your DroneDeploy WMTS layer URL

Your WMTS layer URL will follow this format:{organization_id}?api_key={api_key}

  • Your organization_id will be provided to you by your customer success manager.
  • If you do not have an API key already, please request it from your customer success manager.

Adding your DroneDeploy WMTS to your GIS

ArcGIS Pro
ArcGIS Online
Portal for ArcGIS
ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.x
ArcGIS API for JavaSript 4.x

Adding your organization WMTS layer to ArcGIS Online

Once you have your WMTS layer URL, start the process of adding this to your ArcGIS Online instance with the add button in the tool bar.

Select "Add Layer from Web"

Select "A WMTS OGC Web Service" from the dropdown options

Paste in your DroneDeploy WMTS layer and select "Get Layers"

Select Add Layer

You may need to navigate to an area where you have flown a DroneDeploy map.



To add project level WMTS link to ArcGIS online in new map viewer user would need to manually input the JWT token.

  1. Copy the link

  2. Copy JWT token (Symbols after jwt= )

  3. Paste as an additional parameter when importing the layer.


Adding a single map WMTS layer to your GIS

Your WMTS layer URL for a single map will follow this format:{plan_id}?api_key={api_key}

  • You can query for your plans via the GraphQL API plans query
  • If you do not have an API key already, please request it from your customer success manager.
  • Follow the same instructions as above to add your map level WMTS layer to ArcGIS


  • Which maps are included with the DroneDeploy organization-level WMTS Layer?
    All maps generated across your organization will be included in the organization-level WMTS layer. The plan-level WMTS layer will only show imagery from a single map.

  • Will the organization-level WMTS layer update with recently flown maps?
    Yes, all new maps will automatically show up in this layer. You do not need to update after every flight, the DroneDeploy platform will handle that for you.

  • What happens if I fly the same site multiple times?
    The latest imagery for a given area will be shown.

  • What types of maps are included in the layer?
    All orthomosaic maps will be included in the layer, included the standard RGB, non-radiometric thermal and multispectral.

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