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At DroneDeploy, we allow you to instantly share your data with anyone in the world so they can access your powerful on-demand mapping platform's results wherever they are. Here's how...

Most of our customers use our data sharing feature for several reasons:

  • Sharing with a client: "Here's the data you requested."
  • Sharing with an advisor: "I noticed something on my latest map - what does this mean?"
  • Bragging rights: "This is really cool stuff, look what I just did!"

This document will walk you through the different ways you can share data for these and other use cases.


There are two ways to share data within a project. You can share the entire project with a named collaborator, or you can share an individual map or report within a project using a share link. This document will walk you through both options and when to use them.

Add a teammate to a project

The best way to share a project with someone is to add them as a member of your project team. A member of the project team will be able to view all project data, receive updates when new maps are added to the project, and has the ability to interact with the data according to their organization role or plan type.

For example, an organization Editor will be able to edit data, while a view-only organization member will only have viewing access on the data. This type of sharing is ideal for members of your organization, and even subcontractors and clients, that want to have access to all maps and reports for a project.

You can add someone to a project team by clicking the "Team" button from within your project and entering their email address. We will then send an email to that person, inviting them to view your project.

Click the "Team" button to see who has access to your project and invite more collaborators.

If you have a list of users you would like to invite to a project you can add the list of users to your invite list separating users by comma, semicolon, or a space.

To add a new team member, simply enter their email address and click "Invite". To close the "Team" page, just click the 'X' in the top right corner.

Your new teammate(s) will see an email inviting them to your project. Once they click the link in the email, they will also see the project appear on their dashboard.

Only paid subscribers can be added to a project team
Please note that Free users cannot be added as project team members. Instead, you can use a share link to allow free users to access a single view-only map. You may invite a user that is new to DroneDeploy. They will have access to the project during their 14-day trial but will lose access at the end of that time unless they subscribe or are added to a paid organization.
Only paid users can add other users to their projects
Users on a Free subscription cannot add users to their projects.
Projects viewed in the old user interface will appear as folders
Please note that if you try to share a project with someone who is using the old DroneDeploy user interface, the project will appear as a folder on their dashboard, rather than a project.

Another way to share project data is to share a view-only link to an individual map date. This is a good way to share data with clients and other stakeholders who want to see the latest data but don't need to edit and do not want to log in to DroneDeploy.

You can share a link to a map by navigating to the share button at either the bottom of the sidebar, or the “Share” button on the top right of the main header.

Then on the share page, copy the view-only link and send it to whomever you like.

Click on the View-Only button for the link to be copied to your clipboard.

If the person viewing the shared link is not logged in to DroneDeploy, they will see a basic, view-only version of the individual map you shared and will see the option to signup or login to DroneDeploy.

User having trouble viewing?
Check Browser: Ensure the viewer is using an updated version of Google Chrome to view the map. Check Security Settings: Enterprise users have a security setting that, when enabled, prevents non-accounts to access View-Only links. Check your security settings here.

If the person viewing the shared link is logged in, they will see a basic, interactive view of the individual map you shared and they will be able to view layers and make measurements and exports according to the permissions allowed by their subscription or organization role.

Share Link Units
Currently, our default units for share links are meters for users who are accessing shared links when not logged into their DroneDeploy account. Once the receiver has logged into their DroneDeploy account, the units in which the sender has set will be shown.

You can use the view-only share link to embed that view onto your webpage. To do so:

  • Add to the beginning of the share link:
<iframe width='500' height='500' src='
  • Add to the end of the share link:

Just like you can share a link to an individual map, you can also share a link to an individual report. First, navigate to the "Report" tab then click "view" on the report you want to share.

Clicking "view" brings up the reports that have been generated on each date. Choose the report you want and click either of the "Share" buttons to get the link to the specific report.

You will be able to copy the link to your clipboard so that you can paste and share it with whomever you like.

Viewers of the share link will see only the report, with the options to Print, Sign Up or Log In to DroneDeploy.

Public Share

You can share a view-only link from a particular day, with all of the DroneDeploy content, including annotations, measurements, and issue markers. This is available to all paid accounts.

For Enterprise members with project-based packages, you can share a single link that provides view-only access to the entire project, media, and history (not just a single day). Admins are able to easily restrict this feature.

Public share links can be embedded in other systems via iFrame. This will allow for broader audience access and better presentation to your clients and customers.

In order to generate a public share link, click on the "Share" button in the upper right corner and select "View-Only". 

Sharing Video and Panoramic Data

At this time, Panoramas can be shared through a view-only link found in the top right corner of the pano. This can be shared with DroneDeploy users and non-users alike. You may also invite users to your project, and they will have full access to any panoramic data uploaded.

Videos cannot be shared publicly at this time. When clicking the share button at the top right of the video it will download to your local machine. This download can then be shared!  

Transferring Ownership Between Organizations

Map and Project Ownership can be easily changed with the use of Folders. The maps inside a folder will ultimately belong to the organization that created the folder.

In order to transfer any projects/maps ownership from one user to another please follow these steps.

  1. Have the user who would like to obtain ownership create a folder and invite the current owner to that folder.

  2. The user who currently owns the project/maps will then move the project into that folder. This will transfer ownership to the creator of the folder.

Important Note
The above workflow is not intended to transfer ownership from user to user.
If after transferring ownership from one account to another, you see any issues with being able to view specific layers on your map or the map itself please reach out to support at

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