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What Are Mobile Uploads?

With mobile uploads, you can upload your data from the field directly to DroneDeploy to begin processing your map immediately - no need to wait until you're back at the office or bother with SD cards! The mobile upload process occurs in two steps. First, your images are transferred from the drone to your mobile device. Second, the photos are uploaded from your mobile device to DroneDeploy.


Mobile Uploads Hardware Requirements

- iOS devices only (at least 2GB of free storage space is recommended).
- DJI P4, P4P/P4A, P4P V2, Mavic Pro Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic Air2, Mavic Air2s, M200/M210,M3E,Inspire 2.
- DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise, RC Pro Smart Controller.
Do not Update DroneDeploy During a Mobile Upload.
Please don't update your DroneDeploy app during any mobile uploading process, as that will effectively prevent the mobile upload from occurring.



How Do I Upload Images on Mobile?


  1. Once your flight is complete, you can choose to 'Upload Now,' which will begin the mobile upload process, or to 'Upload Later,' which readies the map for SD card upload. If 'Upload Later' is chosen, please keep in mind that you will need to upload the images from the SD card when connected to the internet.



DJI requires your drone to have at least 30% charge remaining to initiate a mobile transfer, so you may need to swap your drone's battery before selecting 'Upload Now.' Mobile upload can support up to 1,000 images.



Multi-battery flights and Live Map are not supported!
When you plan a flight where you want to use mobile uploading, please ensure your plan meets the following requirements. 1) Live Map is disabled. 2) Your drone has sufficient charge to complete the entire flight with a single battery.

  1. After selecting 'Upload Now,' images will transfer from the drone to your mobile device. This is Step 1 of the upload process. Please leave the drone/controller on, keep the DroneDeploy app open, and do not disconnect your USB cable. You can cancel the transfer anytime by pressing 'Cancel Transfer.' If you accidentally select 'Cancel Transfer,' you can return to the Mobile Upload page by choosing the plan on your dashboard if you have not closed the DroneDeploy app or disconnected. This will open the Mobile Upload page and allow you to resume the transfer process.

  1. Once the images are successfully transferred to your mobile device, they will automatically begin uploading to DroneDeploy. This is Step 2 of the upload process. The drone and controller can be turned off for this upload. You can select 'Pause and Resume Later' if you do not have an internet connection or do not have time to complete the upload.


  1. Your map will begin processing once the images are uploaded to the cloud!


Q: Do I need to be a paid customer to try mobile uploads?
A: Yes, all DroneDeploy paid users have access to mobile uploads!

Q: How long does a mobile upload typically take?
A: The initial transfer from the drone to your mobile device takes an average of 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the total number of images and your current DJI Lightbridge or OcuSync signal strength. The upload from your mobile device to the cloud depends on your Wi-Fi speed or cellular connectivity. If you notice your upload taking longer than expected, you may need a stronger cellular connection, or connect to Wi-Fi. 

Q: Do I need an internet connection to transfer images from the drone to my mobile device?
A: Step 1, transferring images to your mobile device, does not require an internet connection. You may complete Step 1 while offline and start Step 2 (uploading your pictures to the cloud) later when wifi or a stronger cellular connection is available.

Q: Should I keep a copy of the images on my computer or SD card after uploading on mobile?
A: Although this is not required, we always recommend copying your original images on a computer or external hard drive.

Q: What if I see "Image Missing" when I check on my upload via computer at a later time?A: The "Image Missing" text is expected when your mobile device encounters an unstable connection. If your images are not uploading, please restart the DroneDeploy app and wait a few minutes. Then, please ensure you're connected to strong and stable wifi so the upload can proceed. 

Q: When will Android support mobile uploads?
A: There are no plans to support Android at this time.

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