Data Processing with DroneDeploy

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Data Processing Compatibility

The DroneDeploy Map Engine lets paying customers upload and process your imagery from any UAV setup with embedded geotags. Once the data has been processed, you will also be able to make use of all the additional DroneDeploy functionality (such as sharing, annotations, and analysis).

Processing imagery from the Phantom 4 Multispectral, MicaSense, SenseFly, Mavic Air 2 or the WingtraOne is officially supported.

RTK processing from DJI drone image sets not taken in DroneDeploy can be processed on Individual plans and above.

Using Map Engine does not require any app, just data.

Data requirements:
All images should be in JPG format
All images must have latitude, longitude and altitude in the GPS EXIF data
All images should be facing the area of interest
All images should have significant overlap (more than 60% side and frontlap, 75% for agricultural or homogeneous imagery)
There must be at least 10 images

To begin, please see Uploading Datasets.

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