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What does "Lost in the Clouds" mean? 

This message appears as the below and can mean a few different things. 


Web browser and caching issues:

When web browser memory caches, your web browser stores images, codes and other files to avoid re-downloading them repeatedly. You may see some slow loading times or issues when loading web browsers. In DroneDeploy’s case, when your cache needs a refresh, it may come up with a “lost in the clouds” message. Please simply clear your cache by using the following link: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData.


Map still processing:

You may receive this “lost in the clouds” message when a map is still processing. This may also occur if reprocessing is in progress. 


Deleted map:

A user within the Organisation has deleted the map. This can be reviewed  by Admin or Organisation Owner within the User Management > Activity logs. 


Incomplete mission:

Sometimes after a flight, the drone is kept on for a few seconds after your mission completes before turning it off, resulting in an incomplete mission. Please allow 10-30 seconds after your drone lands before turning it off. This allows your data to sync and for your mission to complete correctly. Incomplete missions can result in deleted maps later in processing. 

Restricted access: 

If this map has been shared with you and you are receiving this error message, this could mean that the shareable link needs to be corrected, e.g. it could be a partial link, or it could be an expired link.  The shareability of a link can vary for each user, so please ensure you are logged into the correct email or account to access the link.

If these issues arise, please contact support@dronedeploy.com and provide the map name and date. 

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