How does "Live Map" work in DroneDeploy?

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DroneDeploy's Live Map feature allows you to create an interactive 2D map of your survey area in real time during your drone flight. Here's how it works:


1. Plan your flight: Use the DroneDeploy app to plan your flight path, and define the altitude, camera settings, and overlap settings.


2. Launch the drone: Turn on the drone and the controller, connect them, and launch the drone. Make sure the drone is in GPS mode and has a strong signal.


3. Start the Live Map feature: Open the DroneDeploy app and select the Live Map feature. Follow the prompts to start the feature.


4. Monitor the flight: Keep an eye on the drone as it flies the mission. The app will automatically create a 2D map of the surveyed area in real time as the drone collects imagery.


5. Review the results: The Live Map feature will generate an interactive 2D map of the surveyed area once the mission is complete. You can use this map to identify areas that need further surveying or analysis.


The Live Map feature uses real-time processing to create a 2D map of the surveyed area. It uses the drone's camera to capture imagery, which is then processed by the DroneDeploy app in real-time to create a map. The map is constantly updated as the drone collects more imagery, giving you a live view of the survey area.


Live Map is a useful tool for various applications, including search and rescue, disaster response, and environmental monitoring. It allows you to quickly assess the situation on the ground and make informed decisions based on real-time information.

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