Concrete Pre-Pour Analysis - Sleeve Analysis

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In this article, we will explore: 


Overview of Concrete Pre-Pour Analysis

Verifying that structural and mechanical elements are in the correct position before pouring concrete is essential to any vertical construction project's critical path, and we have seen an increase in project teams using DroneDeploy to complete this quality control workflow.


Our mission is to make it painless for our users to quickly validate in-slab placement issues and proactively address them in the field in order to prevent the need for costly rework. Our report will analyze the drone ortho map against a coordinated plan, and deliver (within 2-4 hours) a detailed analysis for the following conditions:

  1. Elements that are observed to be missing
  2. Elements that appear to be installed outside of tolerance (>6")
  3. Elements that are installed, but not reflected on the drawing


Model Customers & Projects 

Who is this for? 

  1. General Contractors doing vertical building construction
  2. BIM/VDC programs
  3. Concrete construction projects (high rises, office buildings, residential)
  4. DroneDeploy customers who are flying their construction projects already and trying to self-perform this analysis, using another 3rd party to do this analysis, or simply have a need but haven’t given so much thought to concrete sleeve detection in the past. 

How does it work? 

  1. Prepare your Flight 


Once all elements to be analyzed are in place in the field,  you may fly your desired analysis area as usual in the DroneDeploy flight app. 

  • For optimal results, we recommend the following flight parameters:
    • Fly @ 70 ft (20 meters) above the elevated deck
    • 20mp Camera Drone
    • Use Default Overlap Settings
    • The area of interest shall be <15K sqft
    • GCPs not required but helps 


  1. Drawings

Provide your DroneDeploy team with a composite sleeve drawing that corresponds to your pour area(s):

  • Required: PDF 

Example Composite deck-embed (sleeve) drawing here:


Your drawings should include the following information: 


  1. Communication 

Coordinate with your DroneDeploy team when your flight & pour is going to happen. This is important so that we can set up our automation & deliver our report within the time window that makes this analysis most valuable. 


Share your: 

  • Project name
  • Pour schedule or approximate date of your next pre-pour deck flight


Summary of deliverables and timing:

  1. DroneDeploy will ready your .pdf report within 2-4 hours after uploading your map data to your project.
  2. The .pdf report will be delivered via email to the pilot and/or designated preferred point of contact.
  3. Observed deviations will also be annotated on your DroneDeploy map as Issues.


Example of detailed .pdf report markups

Quick-view summary of observations





Q: How is this analysis being done? 

A: Using a combination of human experts and machine learning. 


Q: How accurate is the analysis? 

A: We are accurate to w/in an inch or 2. We are looking for major sleeves that are missing or out of tolerance by 6 inches or more so this is plenty accurate enough for this analysis. 


Q: What is the price of this? 

A: The first report will be free. Afterward, it will be $500 per report. There will be bulk discounting.


Q: What if we don’t fly our own drones? 

A: We can fly for you! Use DroneDeploy Data on Demand services where we can dispatch a pilot to your site for a modest fee. Contact your AE for more information. 


Q: How do I sign up to try this analysis on my project? 

A: Reach out to your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager for more information and to see if this analysis is right for you! 

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