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Prior to December 9th, 2022, all users shared on a DroneDeploy project received emails providing updates on the processing status of any map within the project. Many customers have shared that as their organizations and reality capture programs have grown, and with the addition of Weekly Project Activity Digests + In-Product Notifications, these email notifications are considered overkill - leading them to mark DroneDeploy emails as spam.

We’ve simplified our default media processing updates, such that only the uploader will receive the notifications, allowing project members to reduce the noise and focus on the DroneDeploy updates that matter.

All users shared on a project will continue to receive weekly Project Activity Digest emails, and have access to in-product Activity Notifications of the processing status.

Happy with how it worked before? No problem - reach out to and we can restore email updates for all users shared on the projects.

Similarly, we can enable email updates for only uploaders and project admins/coordinators if preferred. Again, reach out to and we can make the change.

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