Uploading Large Datasets

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Upload Parameters

At times, large uploads will be necessary to capture big regions of interest. Keep in mind the upload limitations for our different subscription tiers. 

Lite: 1,000 images per upload

Individual: 3,000 images per upload

Enterprise, Teams, & Advanced: 10,000 images per upload

DroneDeploy officially supports dataset uploads of up to 10,000 images. It is important to note that datasets of this size can take a long time to process and complete. Sometimes, engineering intervention may be necessary to push these large datasets through. Any upload larger than 10,000 images is not officially supported meaning it could result in map failure and/or extreme processing times. For these captures this large, please upload the data in smaller portions as separate maps. 

Not All Large Datasets are Created Equal
If you plan to capture a lot of imagery for upload, please keep in mind critical factors such as altitude and overlap. Large uploads need a lot of overlap to successfully process through our algorithm. Incorrect flight parameters can result in map failures and the inability to process the entire dataset as a whole.

Upload Taking Longer than Expected?

These huge datasets can often result in days of processing time. If you do not have that kind of time to process your data or notice your data is taking a lot longer than you may expect, weeks for example, then it may be time to break down the dataset. 

Large datasets are processed at a lower resolution than small-average size datasets. With this in mind, greater success is seen if datasets are processed in smaller chunks. For example, you may want to break a 10,000 image dataset into 2 5,000 chunks or 3 3,333 chunks for higher resolution and faster processing times. 

Need Help?

The DroneDeploy Support Team is available to help provide flight/mission recommendations for large capture areas, advise on breaking your upload down, or bring in engineers if needed for those large datasets. Feel free to reach out anytime at support@dronedeploy.com

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