Upload Preprocessed Point Cloud data (LIDAR data in .las format)

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Currently BETA testing the upload of preprocessed 3D data. Specifically, LIDAR data in .las format that's <5GB in size


Smart Uploader allows uploading .las  files to your DroneDeploy project so you can store, view and analyze your LIDAR data in the same place as the rest of Reality Capture media.


How to Upload: 

1. Click the blue Upload button within the UPLOAD tab in your project and drag and drop your .las file.


Note: Currently, we only support .las files for point clouds or 3D models. The file should not exceed 5GB in size.


2. The .las file will be placed in the center of the project - see the blue model pin below. However, it will be adequately geospatially located after the file is uploaded.




3. Once your file has been processed you will receive a confirmation email. Keep in mind processing time may vary. 



All 3D annotations and measurement tools are available for preprocessed LIDAR data!



Known issues during BETA:

  • Since we are uploading preprocessed 3D point cloud files, the 3D model geometry will not be generated appropriately. At this time, we recommend using point cloud viewer only.

  • On a preview, a 3D file will appear in the center of the project. However, it will be relocated to an adequate position when the upload has been completed.



Can I upload 3D model files like .obj?

At this time, users can only upload .las files.


Is the .ls file georeferenced?

Yes, a typical .las file would be georeferenced and we would position it according to the reference.


What is the maximum file size I can upload?

We only process files less than 5GB right now


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