Why hasn't my data uploaded? I see "Waiting for Upload"

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After you fly your stand count mission and finish the mobile transfer of the images, you will need to wait for the images to upload to the project. 

During the upload, you may see a "Waiting to Upload..." notice in the UPLOAD tab of your project well after you have completed your flight. 




If this is the case, there are a few things you can try to kick off the upload. The steps below will also work if the upload % has not made any progress:




  • Ensure you have a strong stable internet / cellular connection
    • If you are in the field, you may need to wait until you can connect to WiFi
  • Force-close the DroneDeploy app and reopen it.
    • Check if progress has been made on the upload - you will see a % instead of the Waiting to Upload notice. (DO NOT sign out of the app)
  • Leave the DroneDeploy app open on the individual project page and connect to a strong WIFI or cellular connection for 20 minutes.
    • After 20 minutes have passed and no upload progress has been made, force close the DroneDeploy app and re-open. 

Please contact Support@dronedeploy.com if you have attempted all the steps above! 



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