Black screen on mobile device during mission

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There could be several reasons why your mobile device screen goes black when using the DroneDeploy app during a flight mission. Here are a few possible causes:


1. Screen timeout setting: Your device may be set to turn off the screen after a certain period of inactivity. Check your device's screen timeout setting and adjust it to a longer duration or disable it altogether.


2. Battery saver mode: Some devices have a battery saver mode that automatically turns off certain features, including the screen, to conserve power. Check if your device is in battery saver mode and disable it if necessary.


3. Overheating: Operating a drone takes a lot of processing power, and this can cause your device to overheat, especially if it's in direct sunlight. When your device overheats, it may automatically shut off the screen to prevent damage. Try to keep your device in a shaded area or use a cooling pad to prevent overheating.


4. App crashes: If the DroneDeploy app crashes during a flight mission, it may cause your device's screen to go black. Try reinstalling the app or contacting DroneDeploy support for assistance.


5. Insufficient memory: If your device has insufficient memory, it may cause the app to crash, which can result in a black screen. Try clearing some space on your device or moving some files to an external storage device.


If none of these solutions work, it's best to contact DroneDeploy support for further assistance.

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