Counting Objects

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DroneDeploy allows you to count objects like trees, cars, cattle, tanks, pipes, compressors in your drone data or satellite maps, and report on those counts in your annotation report.

Counting with DroneDeploy is simple. Our customers are counting all kinds of objects, equipment, and anomalies across a variety of markets.

NOTE: Our counting features are only available on desktop and laptop devices. This is due to performance limitations on mobile devices.

How to get started

  1. You'll see a new icon in the desktop data page, as part of your annotations toolbox: “Count”

  1. Click the icon and start counting by clicking on each item you want to count.

  1. Click on an existing marker to remove it. The quantity will be shown in the sidebar.

  1. Click the check mark or the back button to complete (and exit) your count.

  1. Choose an appropriate title, color, and check the quantity counted here:

  1. You can start a new count or other annotation at any time by selecting from the normal set.

  2. You can delete the count like any other annotation.

Annotation Report

Counts you make on your site will now appear in the annotation report. When viewing a map you can click Export > Reports> Annotation report

They appear as follows:

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