AI Annotations (Open Beta)

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Available for Advanced, Teams, and Enterprise users during open beta

 Note: After the beta period, AI Annotations will become an add-on feature.


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Save time drawing redundant annotations by leveraging the power of AI! DroneDeploy’s AI Annotations can automatically select objects on a map such as stockpiles, and concerted into precise area and volume measurements. 

AI annotations are designed to speed up the map analysis process by automatically selecting visual objects on a map. This can be helpful whether you are analyzing earthworks, stockpiles, trenches, buildings, crops, or other objects on a map. AI tools allow users to save myriads of clicks to outline objects and put an automated area mask on top of them instead. We know our users spend hours on properly annotating volumes and areas on maps. AI annotations reduce this time to a minimum, allowing to do your analysis in a few clicks.  


How to: 

1. Select the Magic Annotations tool on the right-side toolbar on your map:


 2. Once selected you will be asked to click the area of interest on the map: 


3. The area will then be highlighted and you will have the option to create an Area annotation or a Volume annotation



4. Step back and watch the AI magic happen! The Area or Volume annotation will then populate from your selection. 




Area Refinement: 

Area refinement hotkeys allow you to add or remove the AI area mask by including or excluding additional points of interest

  • We have improved our AI annotations by adding the capability to refine the AI annotation selection.
  • Additionally, we have included the ability to modify the outer buffer and adjust the position of an area in 3D.


Allows adding additional area to currently active annotation. This function can be used when you want to include additional elements to your area selection:


ALT (OPT for Mac) key

Allows you to remove additional selections from the area. It can be used, for example, to remove the shadows of the stockpiles:




Delete the current selected shape:


Area Buffer 

Widens the selection of the area to ensure that the polygon fully covers the area of interest.  Use the min-max slider to adjust additional buffer space adjacent to the original area selection.




Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access the AI Annotations Tool during beta?

The AI Annotations Tool is available for users with license tiers advanced and above. If you are on one of these tiers, you can take advantage of this powerful feature to accelerate your annotation process.


Can I build an annotations report out of AI annotations?

Yes, the output from AI annotations is a typical annotation that can be displayed in a report.


Are AI annotations available through API calls?

As of now, AI annotations are not available through API calls. If you have a specific need to use AI annotations through API calls, please contact our support team to discuss your requirements further.


Please reach out to if you have any feedback during the open beta cycle! 

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