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Data on Demand Availability
Flight Services offered through DroneDeploy, also known as Data on Demand, are available to our Teams and Enterprise level user tiers. At this time, mission commitment is required to access Data on Demand. Interested in learning more? Contact our Sales Team today! 

With Data on Demand, you can leave the mission execution with our team! Simply, plan out your mission and hit submit through Data on Demand. We’ll email you a flight date and the data you request will be uploaded directly to your project.

Order Processing
Orders placed through Data on Demand are processed Monday - Friday 9:00 am EST - 5:00 pm EST.

Pilot Vetting

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Safety and Professionalism
  • Skillset and Hardware
  • Track Record

Pilot Training

  • Mission-specific training
  • Test missions completed prior to Enterprise missions
  • DroneDeploy Academy


When ordering missions through Data on Demand, you can rest assured state of the art hardware is used to capture your data. We require all pilots to use a 20MP camera.


Global Coverage

Our team works with partners to provide Data on Demand operations. We offer Data on Demand in many places across the globe. Some places are easier to fly in than others. The matrix below provides more detail on where we can perform missions and our estimated turnaround times. Don't see your country listed here? Contact our Sales Team and we would be happy to chat further!

Country Estimated Turnaround Time
U.S.A 1-2 weeks
Australia 1-2 weeks
Germany 1-2 weeks
UK 1-2 weeks
Austria 1-2 weeks
New Zealand 1-2 weeks
Canada 2-4 weeks
Spain 2-4 weeks
Brazil 2-4 weeks
Mexico 2-4 weeks
Argentina 2-4 weeks
France 2-4 weeks
Romania 2-4 weeks
India 4-6 weeks
Philippines 4-6 weeks
Singapore 4-6 weeks
Japan 4-6 weeks


  1. All pilots certified from DroneDeploy training

  2. All pilots Part 107 certified

  3. All pilots use 20 mp camera

  4.  Global pilot network

  5. Full insurance coverage 


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