Processing GCPs with the Smart Uploader

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See video tutorial at the bottom of this page.

  1. On the ‘Upload’ tab of the project, click on the ‘Smart Uploader’

  2. Drag your images into the Smart Uploader pop-up. Once added, click on the arrow on the right of your newly added map. You can add GCP’s here.

  3. Click on ‘Add GCP’s:

  4. If you haven’t added your GCP data into one of the CSV templates, you can find the templates at the bottom of the next page. You can designate a point as a checkpoint by including the term ‘checkpoint’ in the ‘GCP Label’ column. Once you add your data to the correct template, add it into the window:

  5. Once you add the CSV, we will attempt to assume a coordinate system for you. If we don’t assume the correct coordinate system, select the right system from the drop down. You should see your GCP’s land on your job site in the correct positions on the map. Once the correct system is selected, click on ‘Start Upload’, and keep the browser tab open as it uploads.

  6. When the upload completes, there will be a delay of anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours while it processes. You will then get an email saying that your GCP’s are Ready for Review. Click the link in your email.

  7. Using either the map view or the list view, select each GCP and make sure the centers are very precisely clicked. At least 7 tags per GCP is recommended. If there is a poorly tagged GCP, you can ‘Reset’ it.


  8. Click on ‘Preview’ once you’ve tagged all of your GCP’s. Here, you’ll want to check one more time to ensure all the tags for the GCP’s are well centered. When you’re satisfied, click on ‘Submit’ the top right corner, and wait for your completed map to come back!



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