GCP Request Checklist

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GCP and Checkpoint processing is available to our Enterprise, Teams, and Advanced customers and it is also available to Individual users for $49 per map.


End-to-End Process Checklist

Acquire Your Drone

uncheckedUse one of our Supported drones. 

uncheckedLearn more in our Recommended and Supported Drones Article.

Understand your accuracy needs

uncheckedWhat use case are you flying for? 

uncheckedWhat level of accuracy do you need for that use case?

uncheckedSee our section on Understanding Ground Control to learn more.

Choose your High accuracy workflow

uncheckedChoose your workflow. 

uncheckedTo learn more about which high accuracy workflow would work best, see our article on Choosing a High accuracy Workflow.

Plan your GCPs and Checkpoints

uncheckedDetermine the number of GCPs and checkpoints needed based on your high accuracy workflow chosen.

uncheckedIdentify locations of the GCP and Checkpoint targets. 

uncheckedFor best practices see Best Practices for Ground Control Points

Survey your GCPs

uncheckedLayout your GCPs and Checkpoints so that they will be completely visible from above and 50ft/15m from any obstruction.

uncheckedUsing high accuracy survey equipment, gather the coordinates of the center of the GCP and Checkpoint targets in the desired coordinate system. 

uncheckedRecord all coordinates and EPSG code (Coordinate Reference System).

uncheckedEnsure your survey EPSG matches your DroneDeploy project EPSG code (best practice).

uncheckedTo learn more, read about Best Practices for Ground Control Points.

Prepare your .csv file

uncheckedDownload a .csv template found here:

uncheckedDoes your column heading and units match your EPSG code?

uncheckedEnsure checkpoints have “checkpoint” written in front of their number in the GCP label column.

uncheckedSee our GCP .csv File Formatting article to learn more.

Upload your .csv file

uncheckedAdd a GCP and Checkpoint .CSV file in the smart uploader after uploading your map photos.

uncheckedAssign an EPSG code to your .CSV file.

uncheckedLearn more in our Uploading and Processing Ground Controlled Maps section.

Tag your GCPs and Checkpoints

uncheckedFollow the link in the email or the link in the upload section to tag your GCPs and Checkpoints.

uncheckedLearn more about tagging in our Tagging Workflow for GCPs and Checkpoints article.


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