Organization Administration

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Enterprise Owners and Admins have access to a number of reports and user-wide settings

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The Admin Panel on DroneDeploy allows for Organization Administration in the following ways:

  • Organization Settings
  • Security Settings
  • User Management (and user roles)
  • Activity (or Audit Logs)
  • Data (to view all data in your org)
  • Application Management

Each section will be discussed in detail below.

Org Admin Access

Only Enterprise owners and admins may access the Organization Administration panel.


Organization Settings

Under the Settings tab, you are able to:

  • Change the name of your organization
  • Change your organization's logo
  • View the owner of the organization.
  • Limit project creation to Org Owners & Admins only


This is an optional toggle (default OFF) to limit project creation to Org Owners and Admin users only. 


Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 11.17.54 AM.png


When this setting is enabled, non-admin users will see a validation message on the disabled "New Project" button.


Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 11.20.14 AM.png


In the Security Tab, you are able to:

  • View your SSO status (read SSO Documentation for more information)
  • Enforce users to sign in to view shared data.

Require sign-in to view shared data
Only signed-in users who have been invited as an editor will be able to access shared organization data. This effectively disables the ability to publicly share data in your org meaning you will be able to track who has access to your data at all times.

Managing Project and Folder level User Roles

In the User Management Tab you can:

  • Add members to your organization
  • Remove a member from your organization
  • Manage User Roles:

User Roles

There are three options for a user's permission in DroneDeploy:
An Admin can add other users to the account, as well as create, delete and move data and Projects.
An Editor can edit, share, and delete data. This user cannot add or remove users from the organization.
A View only user can review datasets. They cannot process new datasets.
A Coordinator is a folder/project level admin who gets admin privileges only to the project or folder they are assigned.


User Table

Within the User tab of your Organization section Admins and Owners can get an overall view of the memberships status’ of their users.


On the top of the user table, you’ll see the total number of users associated with your organization which will include the members you have designated as pilots, analysts, and viewers. If there are users that are not a part of your organization but are shared on your projects, this will be listed as an “External User”.


In the Org status column, you can visualize the user’s relationship to the organization. If they are not a member of the organization you’ll see the following options:

  • Pending - An invite has been sent via email but the user has not accepted it yet. They are not yet part of the organization.

  • External - The user is shared on your organization’s projects or folders but is not technically part of your organization nor have they been invited.

In the License Column, you’ll see your user’s type of license. They will either be listed as a pilot, analyst, or viewer.

  • Pilots - Will be any user with the ability to fly and upload. For example, owners, admins, and any user with that “allowed to fly” toggle on will be a pilot.

  • Analysts - A user with analyst privileges on any projects or folders will be considered an analyst. This includes if the user is an analyst on a single project and an editor on others. Analysts will be able to measure, edit, and share data.

  • Viewer - A user with only viewing privileges on all projects/folders they are shared on is a viewer.

What if I have a user who is a viewer on 10 projects and an editor on one? Then they will be considered an analyst license type on your organization's account and on the User Table. 

In the Domain Column, you’ll be able to see the user’s email address domain. This can be helpful if you are trying to search for or exclude users from a specific company.

In the Access Column, you can click and see which folders and projects the user has been added to and what role they have assigned to each.

Click on the link in the Access column to easily view the projects and folders the user has access to

In the Allowed to Fly column, you can toggle your user’s ability to fly.
Note: Turning off an external user’s ability to fly affects that user's ability to fly your organization’s projects only. It does not affect their ability to fly their own projects or another organization’s project.

In the Actions column, you can remove members from the organization and external users from projects and folders they have been shared on.

Bulk Editing

Edit user permissions in bulk through the checkmarks on the left side of the screen:



User Settings

You can now also set specific user settings by project or folder hierarchy by clicking on the “User Settings” tab within the Sharing Options page of the folder or project.

You can set whether or not all the users will be able to share view-only links to people outside of the project/folders. You can also toggle off or on whether or not users assigned the editor role will be able to delete projects or folders and if they can remove add or remove users.

Changes on a parent folder will be inherited down the folder structure to projects and subfolders unless a folder or project has already been manually adjusted. The settings can be changed by another coordinator or admin as needed.

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 11.58.45 AM.png


Owners and admins have the ability to toggle between personal projects, and org-wide projects.


Project/Folder Level Permissions

Within DroneDeploy you can now allow for unique project and folder level permissions for your users by assigning different user roles for specific projects or folders. For example, a user can now be assigned the role of an editor for a specific project or even an entire folder hierarchy and just a viewer for an entirely different folder hierarchy.

To do this, when inviting the users, you can assign the role on that project or folder. You will see a drop-down to change the role on the specific project or folder as you invite.


For existing project or folder members, you can change their role from the dropdown next to their name.

Coordinator Role

Within DroneDeploy you can now assign users the role of “Coordinator” to any user you would like to have admin permissions for specific folders or projects. You can think of “Coordinator” as a folder/project level admin. Coordinators will not have admin-level permissions outside of the project/folder they are assigned.

Coordinators will be able to create subfolders, add or remove users, and add other coordinators within their folder hierarchy. They can also delete content within the project/folder hierarchy even if the asset is not owned by them. They can also move projects or the folder they manage (including subfolders and projects) to another folder they are shared on.

To assign someone the role of coordinator, click into the Sharing options page. If the user is already shared on the folder or project just change their role on the member list. If they have not been invited yet you can assign the role when you invite them.

Known Issue
There is a minor bug for smaller screens or large numbers of users in that you cannot scroll down on the user list.
Workaround is to zoom out in your browser to view all users using *CMD -* on Mac or *CTRL -* on PC.

Activity (or Audit Logs)

The activity tab shows:

  • Who took
  • What action on
  • What Object Type with
  • Which Name
  • Additional Details on the action, and
  • When it occurred.

Actions tracked include:

  • Flights flown
  • Data sets uploaded
  • Maps shared
  • Maps deleted
  • Maps exported
  • Folders shared
  • Folders deleted

Data Viewer

Allows you to see all the data in your organization regardless of who created it. These are ordered by the date most recently modified, and include the:

  • Plan Name
  • Owner
  • Date Created
  • Date Updated
  • Date Processed
  • Map Area
  • Status
  • Whether there are any shared users

As an Admin user, you are able to view that data even if it hasn't been shared with you by clicking on the Name of the map. This will take you to the Data Page. If you'd like to see this map on your Dashboard, then add yourself as a shared user.

Application Management

In this section, an Owner or Admin can remove any applications they have installed for their entire DroneDeploy user base. If you'd like to add an app to your user base, you will need to do that in the app market (for more information read Installing Organization-Wide Apps ]

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