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DroneDeploy tools for advanced collaboration.

What is an Organization?

A DroneDeploy organization allows you to manage user roles and permissions of members on your team. You can also share individual or groups of maps and missions, allowing access to DroneDeploy data on a need to know basis with members of your organization.

What Are the Benefits?

Creating an Organization on DroneDeploy gives you the power to manage projects and collaborate more effectively. By sharing high-resolution, on-demand maps and 3D models, you can keep projects on track and review data collectively, while keeping key stakeholders up to speed at all times.

As an Organization Admin you can:

  • Easily see where your team has flown, the routes they've mapped, and the data they've gathered and analyzed
  • Meet internal and external compliance requirements by generating complete audit trails, assigning flights to qualified pilots, and maintaining flight logs
  • Install apps from the DroneDeploy App Market for all organization members to standardize workflows

Once you create an Organization, you will also be able to unlock co-branding and the ability to share your account with other members of your team or your clients.

Accessing Organizations
DroneDeploy customers on Teams and Enterprise accounts can create Organizations.

Step 1: Create Your Organization

Navigate to the Preferences option within your DroneDeploy sidebar. Then, click on Create in the Organization section.

Once your organization is created, the 'Create' link will update to 'Manage'. Select the 'Manage' option to proceed to naming your Organization and adding your company logo.

More information on adding your logo as an overlay can be found on V2: Upload your company logo.


What to do next:

  1. Add Members to Your Organization
  2. Remove a member from your organization
  3. Share Maps with Organization Members
Organization members
Members of your organization can: -Create maps -Access their own dashboard -Access and export maps that you share with them -Collaboratively make measurements and annotations that are shared by all organization members

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