Sharing Your Data with Folders

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Sharing a folder is a great way to easily share all maps related to a project with teammates who need access, rather than individually sharing maps.


Even better, once a folder has been shared, all shared users will see any maps added to that folder. Meaning, that if you create new maps for a project and put them in a folder, everyone who has access to the folder will automatically have access to the maps, without the need to re-share.


Don't have any folders yet? Learn more about creating folders.


How to Share a Folder

To share a folder:
Click the three-dot menu to the right of the folder and select share or click on the folder to open it and click the share icon at the top of the screen.

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Then, enter the email address of the user you want to share the folder with. We will send that user an email with a link to view the folder.

Learn more about sharing here!

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Please note the access you give the shared user. Editor, Viewer, or Coordinator. Learn more about Permissions here!


Moving items into and out of folders can cause users to lose access to maps
If someone moves a shared map into a folder, users with whom that map is shared (including the person who created the map) will lose access to the map if the folder is not also shared with them.
Similarly, if a map is moved from one folder to a second folder, any users that have access to the first folder but not the second will lose access.
Removing a map from a folder will remove access for all users who are not editors of the map. You will see text in the dashboard warning you before you take an action that may cause someone else to lose access. If you do lose access to a map, you will receive an email telling you what you lost access to, why you lost access, and who removed your access so that you can request it again.

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