Facade Inspections

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Utilize DroneDeploy to capture high-resolution facade maps, and create inspection reports in a fraction of the time that you would manual inspections.

Capture the perfect data set using our vertical flight planner, and upload to create game-changing 3D facade reconstruction in DroneDeploy. We make it easy to use these tools to conduct safe and efficient inspections, as well as easily share with your team!

Facade captures are organized in your projects as media pins, and each facade can be found represented by a blue marker seen below:

Pins are placed at the center of the facade flight plan and can be moved through drag and drop.

Select a facade to reveal a pop-out preview of that capture:

Move between facades by selecting from the list in the left panel, or by selecting another pin.

Use this pop out to easily navigate to sharing options and reports, but first, select Inspect to enter the 3D model view and conduct your first facade inspection.

Thinking of Upgrading?
Vertical Flight and Inspections are included as part of our Enterprise subscription. If you're interested in learning more or want to trial this feature, please contact us here.

Setting Default View

Setting the default view will allow for control over the thumbnail of your site, as well be the first point of entry when viewing the model. To do this, select "Set Default View" at the top of the screen, position the 3D model to the preferred starting view and zoom level.

Save this view, and when you view this model or share it with others your default view will be applied:

Update this default view anytime.

Conducting Facade Inspections

Conducting a facade inspection is easy in DroneDeploy and doesn't require the typical high-risk situations that inspectors and technicians might experience in the field.

Start by entering the model, and selecting the Inspect option at the top of your model. In this mode, view the drone's camera positions, and click into these indicators to view the source image for that location.

Use the layers drop down to show/hide camera positions and issue markers.

D-Pad Navigation

Navigate around your 3D model with ease using the new D-Pad Navigation feature. This can be controlled by the on-screen controls, or your keyboard, to move from image to image in the model and perform inspections efficiently.

Facade Issues are created on the source imagery in the same way as our 3D inspections. To do so, select the issue option and then with the crosshair, select the location of the item you'd like to highlight and create a pin:

All issue markers can now be seen in inspect mode, even if they are located in adjacent source images. Navigate between these by selecting the pin, or using the D-pad navigation.

Choose your issue type, and provide a summary for that pin.

Coming Soon!
We're working on more issue types for you! Please reach out to support@dronedeploy.com if you have feedback on how we can improve this feature or any of our report functionality for your organization.

Create and Share Facade Inspection Reports

Compiling your facade inspection into a report is simple once you've marked your model with issues.
Access the report by selecting the Report tab at the top of the project, or select View Report from the Facade pin on the Explore page for quick access.

The report will feature your default view, followed by your issue types and summaries.

A location indicator is shown to the left of the issue selection, to provide context as to where that problem exists in the map.

This report can easily be shared directly by email, or add users to the project so they always know when a new report is available. You may also download this report as a PDF to save and share externally with stakeholders and other project collaborators. 

  • Can we mission chain facade inspections?
  • How do I share the inspection report?
    The inspection report can be downloaded as PDF and shared.
  • What’s the best way to get a perfect 3D model?
    Mission chain 4 facades + enhanced 3D of the entire structure, and upload together.

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