Flight Logs

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Log details can be viewed and analyzed from the flight log details page:

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Automatically captures comprehensive flight logging for all drone flights and reports on usage and user behavior.

Why it matters?

  • Regularly capturing flight logs helps ensure compliance and safety and identifies what is working and not with your drone program.

  • It helps to combat and protect the organization against complaints.

  • Clear evidence to improve processes to prevent future issues.

Owner and Admins can search flight logs by dates by using a calendar or customer range:


Custom Range

Search by using the Pilots email:

Search by the Project Name:


Flight log viewer

DroneDeploy provides an in-application flight log viewer that can be located in the same location where you download the flight log. Clicking on view flight log will take you to the flight log viewer page, where you can view the telemetry and data from your most recent flights. 


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