Pre-Flight Checklists

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Customizable Pre-Flight Checklists
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The pre-flight checklist encourages safe flights with specific questions that match your requirements.

  • Organization administrators can customize each checklist item.

  • Checklists remind pilots to follow safe operating procedures.

  • Comment fields allow pilots to record safety and administrative data alongside the checklist for each flight.

Why is this important?

  • it helps minimize the risk of drone crashes, property damage, or danger to individuals on-site by reminding pilots of your safety procedures and SOPs.

  • It makes it easy to document if your drone pilots are compliant and create a paper-trail.

Users Can Create Pre-Flight Checklists From Their Data Organization Page:

  1. Org Owners and Admins can create a new checklist by adding a checkbox or comment:
  1. Add additional checklist items (up to 12 - ask your account manager if you need to extend this):
  1. Until you have covered all your requirements:
  1. Pilots will need to go through and check off each checklist item before they are able to proceed to flight. Comments are not required:
  1. Once the pilot has checked all the items on the checklist, the submit button will be enabled:
  1. Once the pilot checklist has been submitted, the drone will go through the drone automatic checks and the pilot will be ready to fly safely!

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