Mobile Ground App Feature/Functionality Overview

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide detailing what's in the all-new Mobile Ground App by DroneDeploy.

Feature Description / Notes
Authentication Email Password/Google/Apple/SSO/Microsoft
View Projects list You can see a list of your projects. By default, this initial project list will be limited to only 50 projects, half of which are nearest to your current location & half that are the most recently updated.
Search Project list Find any project you belong to even if it’s not part of the initial loaded list
Sort Project List By default, projects are sorted, from top to bottom but closest to furthest. Sorting enables you to change the sorting, top to bottom by the last capture date.
Download Project When entering/opening a project, the project’s levels and pin location of all previous captures are downloaded to your local device. This allows you to capture unimpeded
Pin Project to top of list Allows you to pin any project to the top of your project list. This ensures quick and easy access regardless of the current location & proximity to the project.
Create Project Quickly create a new project and start capturing your exterior map directly from within the App
View Drawings list (levels) You can see a list of all levels uploaded to your project.
Have Exterior Map as ‘drawing’ Always sitting at the top of your Levels list, you will find an Exterior Map tile to capture on the exterior.
Search Drawing list Quickly find any level on your project directly without having to scroll your list to find it.
Sort Drawing list By default, the Levels list is sorted by Alphabetical order with the Exterior map always at the top. Sorting allows you to sort by the last capture date in descending order, with the Exterior map always at the top
Open/View Drawing & Exterior Map When a level tile is tapped, the level or map will open up in full screen, allowing you to view the floorplan, map previously captured media, or start capturing
See existing pins/photos/VideoWalks on drawing/Exterior Map You can view all existing captures on their project, both interior & exterior, ground & aerial captures.
Media groups - interior When an image is within ~6 inches of another image, it will automatically get grouped together under a single ‘media group’ pin.
Media clustering - Interior & Exterior By default, all pins within a certain proximity of each other based on the current zoom level will cluster together. As you zoom in, the cluster will break up accordingly
View captures in full view You can select any pin to view in full screen the capture. This is for all capture types, standard photos, 360 panos, and Walk images including aerial captures on the exterior
Compare (split view) between all media types When viewing a media group, you can toggle on Split view to compare two images from the group next to each other.
X-Ray X-Ray allows you to overlay a previously captured image on top of what’s directly in front of you. You can control the transparency level of the overlaying image. This is extremely valuable, allowing you to ‘see’ behind walls, in-slab, or above ceilings.
Capture standard photo You can capture a standard photo using your mobile device
Capture 360 photo You can capture a 360 photo using a supported 360 camera
Capture VideoWalk You can capture a 360 Walk using a supported 360 camera
Walk By default, only Walks captured on the latest, most recent captured date will be visible. you can toggle other captured dates on/off with the Walk Timeline.
Visibility Filter With the visibility filter, you can filter the pins shown on their current level. Available filters include date range, creators, and media type.
Sharing Media You can copy and send out a public encrypted link to the specified captured media
GPS dot GPS dot gives the approximate location on the map according to your mobile device's GPS signal

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