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Explore common queries related to DroneDeploy's Walk functionality on both the Mobile app and Manual capture methods. The frequently asked questions cover three main topics: Walk Alignment, Walk App Upload, and Walk Quality.

Top 3 Walk Question Topics:

1. Walk Alignment
2. Walk App Upload
3. Walk Quality

Walk Frequently Asked Questions - Categorized:


Q: What camera can I use for Walk capture with DroneDeploy?
A: We recommend the Insta360 OneRS 1-Inch as our primary preferred camera, or alternatively, the ONE R, ONE X, or ONE X2. You can also use your preferred 360 camera if it meets our Walk requirements. Recommended & Supported Walk Cameras

Q: Can I capture a Walk using my vehicle?

A: Note, that DroneDeploy does not recommend capturing a walk with a vehicle. Capturing a Walk at normal vehicle speeds can affect the alignment path when processing the Walk files. If you require a vehicle capture you will need to drive at 5MPH maximum. 

However, please keep in mind alignment may still be affected at this speed. 

Walk Quality:

Q: Why does my processed Walk not accurately represent the path I walked during capture?
A: Various factors like artifacts, capture speed, and environmental conditions can affect the stitching. For precise analysis, reach out to Support@dronedeploy.com.

Q: Why is my Walk not aligned with my project? (The Walk is smaller or bigger than the plan it is uploaded)
A: Manually align/scale the Walk to the project site by placing start and end markers.

Q: Why is my Walk path shown as a straight line after processing?
A: This might occur due to capturing at a faster pace, consistent objects in the 360 view, or a homogenous capture environment. Please reach out to Support@DroneDeploy.com with a markup showing the start and end points clearly marked as well as the path you walked for the walk and we can get this revised.

Q: I received a processing failure email for my Walk. Why did my Walk fail to process?
A: For precise diagnostics, contact support@dronedeploy.com.


Q: If my Ground Capture app upload fails, how do I upload the Walk?
A: Use the desktop version for manual upload following these steps: How to Manually Upload Walk Data

Q: My 360 Pano failed to upload. How do I upload the Panorama now? 
A: Export failed uploads from the Insta360 native app as a PNG in the Equirectangular format.  Dual-fisheye panoramas are not currently supported. Please convert to Equirectangular using your camera software before uploading. For further assistance please review our article here: How to Manually Upload 360 Pano Data contact Support@dronedeploy.com.

Q: Why is my Walk upload not progressing/completing, it’s been over an hour now. (Upload through the Ground Capture app stuck on a percentage)
A: This may happen if the upload is interrupted. Check for a cloud icon indicating a failed upload.

Mobile Ground App:

Q: Does the Ground Capture app need an internet connection to be used?
A: Yes, a stable internet connection is required for both capture and upload.

Q: Can I background the Ground Capture app during capture?
A: Yes, you can background the app, but ensure it remains open to avoid disrupting the capture.

New Capture Workflow:

Q1: What's the new capture workflow?
A1: The new workflow allows you to choose the correct level for image capture—exterior map or interior level—before entering capture mode. We have a detailed Guide on the New Capture Workflow here.

Q2: How has the image capture process changed?
A2: The process is streamlined. Capture photos simultaneously while placing a pin location, eliminating the need for a separate step.

Q3: How do I sync my captured images?
A3: Manually tap the sync button after completing your capture session.

Q4: Can I view all types of captured images on my project?
A4: Yes, you can view standard, 360-degree, and Walk images captured via drone or other methods.

Q5: What additional features are available for viewing captures?
A5: Two new features introduced are Split View for comparisons and X-Ray Mode for real-time overlays.

Q6: What mobile devices support the app?
A6: The new app is supported on iOS devices listed in the Supported iOS Devices List.


We trust these improvements enhance your experience. For more assistance, reach out to support@dronedeploy.com.

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