How to Manually Upload Pre-processed Panos

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Uploading preprocessed panorama data to DroneDeploy for processing is exclusively achievable through the DroneDeploy website and not via the mobile ground app.

Manual Upload via DroneDeploy Website in .JPEG or .JPG Format:

  1. Navigate to the DroneDeploy website.
  2. Access the UPLOAD tab.
  3. Click on "New Upload" and proceed by dragging and dropping the ".JPG or .JPEG" files of the preprocessed panorama. Ensure that each panorama is in the JPG/JPEG format.
  4. Please note that we currently do not support uploading ".INSP" files for panorama processing.

Ensuring Correct Pano Format:

Before initiating the upload process, confirm that your preprocessed panoramas are in the JPEG/JPG-supported format.

Note: We do not support uploading .INSP file formats for panoramas at this time for manual upload.


Uploading Preprocessed Panoramas

Simply click the UPLOAD tab to begin uploading the file(s) to DroneDeploy.

Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 16.05.06.png

1. Drag and drop the '.JPG' or '.JPEG' files to initiate the upload.
2. For successful uploads, ensure that each preprocessed panorama is in the '.JPEG' or '.JPG' file format. Alternatively, you can select 'Choose Files' to locate the preprocessed panoramas.

Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 23.06.05.png

When your preprocessed panorama is ready, you will receive an email notification indicating the completion of processing. Simply click the 'View Pano' button in the email to explore and view the panorama on the DroneDeploy website.

Preprocessed Panorama FAQs

  1. Q: Can I upload preprocessed panoramas using Smart Upload?

    • A: Yes, you can upload preprocessed panoramas through Smart Upload. Our system automatically detects panoramas in .JPEG format.
  2. Q: What file format should my preprocessed panoramas be in for Smart Upload?

    • A: For Smart Upload, your preprocessed panoramas should be in the .JPEG format. Please note that .INSP formats are currently not available.
  3. Q: Does Smart Upload support .INSP file formats for panoramas?

    • A: No, at the moment, Smart Upload does not support .INSP file formats. Ensure your panoramas are in .JPEG format for successful processing.
  4. Q: Are there any other supported file formats for Smart Upload?

    • A: Currently, Smart Upload exclusively supports preprocessed panoramas in .JPEG format. We recommend converting your panoramas to .JPEG for optimal results.
  5. Q: How does Smart Upload work with preprocessed panoramas?

    • A: Smart Upload simplifies the process by automatically detecting and processing preprocessed panoramas in .JPEG format. It streamlines the upload experience for efficient and accurate results.

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