Single GCP Processing for RTK and PPK captures

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As of January 2024, when uploading GCPs (.csv), you no longer receive an error if you attempt to upload fewer than 4 GCPs to a map. Now, users only need 1 GCP on their PPK and RTk maps, enabling them to create high-accuracy maps easily.


Who is it for?

Anyone creating a map with RTK or PPK data. 

Note: it's suggested that you still use at least 4 GCPs for non-RTK and non-PPK maps. See our best practices guide here


Value to Customers

Setting, surveying, uploading, and tagging GCPs can be time-consuming. RTK/PPK greatly reduces the need for using as many GCPs because the map is already highly accurate within itself - it just needs 1 GCP to localize it! 


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