DroneDeploy and AeroPoints

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Propeller Aeropoints are high-precision ground control points designed specifically for use in drone surveying and mapping applications. They are manufactured by Propeller,  AeroPoints are designed to be highly visible and durable, often featuring bright colors and robust construction to withstand outdoor conditions. They are equipped with GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers that enable them to accurately determine their position on the Earth's surface.



AeroPoints™ are high-precision, smart ground control points, thoughtfully designed for drone beginners, but precise enough for survey veterans. (From the Propeller website)


Are DroneDeploy uploads compatible with Propeller AeroPoints?

Yes, you can use data from AeroPoints™ in DroneDeploy maps.


How can I add AeroPoints data to a DroneDeploy map?

You can download the CSV of your collected data points from the Aeropoints™ dashboard. This file is compatible with DroneDeploy's CSV uploader.




How accurate will my map be?

Accuracy of the map depends on many factors, but the most important factors will be the quality of your photogrammetry, and the layout of your GCPs. You can see a full list of what affects accuracy in this article: How Accurate is my Map?


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