Mavic Air 2 With DroneDeploy

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This guide outlines the specifications required to operate the Mavic Air 2 with DroneDeploy and frequently asked questions about this model. 

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Support for the Mavic Air 2 

We are excited to support this drone model through virtual sticks for autonomous mapping. The Mavic Air 2 is currently only supported on iOS devices. For the best experience with these drones, please ensure you're on the latest iOS version and the latest version of DroneDeploy.



What plans will work for the Mavic Air 2 

All DroneDeploy flight plans are supported on the Mavic Air 2.


Do you know if this is supported on Android? 

Support for this drone is iOS only. At this time, there are no current plans to expand.


Do you know if flight logs are stored?

Yes, we will record and save flight logs from Mavic Air 2 flights.


Does this support LiveMap?

Yes, LiveMap is supported.


Why do flight plans take longer than expected to complete?

Due to how Mavic Air 2 autonomous flights are implemented, the drone will fly slightly slower than other drones. 


What iOS devices are NOT supported for Mavic Air 2 flights?

All of our supported and recommended devices are listed here. Devices outside this list are untested and may not work appropriately with this drone.


Why does this drone require a paid subscription?

Unlike other DJI drones, DJI does not provide a third-party iOS SDK (Software Development Kit) to support autonomous flight for this drone. However, DroneDeploy has created a workaround that has added costs. Our paid plan provides you access to this automated experience and many more features/toolsets to utilize the full potential of captured drone data. Visit our pricing page here for more details on available subscriptions.

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