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Now you can compare project media to one another using the side-by-side comparison functionality/ This can help you visually track changes, detect issues and monitor visual differences over time on a job site. The side-by-side tool in DroneDeploy makes it easy for you to do just that.

Panorama Side-by-Side Comparison

Unlocks side-by-side comparison of 360 Panos and aerial panoramas for tracking progress over time in particular areas of interest. Allows linked panning for reviewing change over time in apartment units, classrooms, or assets. Supports the same workflow customers use today for comparing 360 Walkthroughs over time

How It Works:

  1. 360 Panos captured from Insta360 cameras can be uploaded via the Walkthrough App today, while aerial panoramas can be captured with drones and uploaded via the DroneDeploy Flight App
  2. Once uploaded, open your pano of interest. There’s a new Compare icon in the top bar that will allow you to open other Panos in the project alongside the current media, for comparison
  3. Use the minimaps in the bottom left corners for media location context
  4. Unlock, adjust the camera position, and relock in order to adjust the alignment between the two Panos for better comparison of the same location.
  5. Use the date picker or plan pickers in the top bar in order to adjust which pano you’re comparing to.

Media Side-by-Side Comparison

Compare media side-by-side in Compare Mode from the same location (as seen in the mini-map) at different dates.

To enter the compare mode for Media you will need to select any media icon(Photo) you would like to compare and select the square icon which can be found in the top right corner of the navigation bar as shown below.

Walkthrough Side-by-Side Comparison

You are now able to compare walkthroughs on 2 different dates. Compare mode allows us to show 2 walkthroughs in split-screen.


To enter the compare mode for the walkthrough you will need to select any walkthrough you would like to compare and select the circular plus icon which can be found in the top right corner of the navigation bar. This will allow you to add a walkthrough to compare:


The walkthrough compare tool includes the usual information to the other compare tools such as the:

1. Date pickers to quickly change dates.

2. Minimaps for each respective side.

3. Lock button that will enable/disable camera locking, so the views can be navigated together.

It is important to note: You cannot create or open issues while in Compare mode (though orange issues boxes are still visible.


I can’t open Compare mode - why?

Compare Mode only supports the comparison of the same type of media. Aerial panoramas can be compared to other aerial panoramas and 360 Panos to other 360 Panos, and walkthroughs to other walkthroughs. If only one instance of a media type exists on the project exterior or level, then the comparison is not supported until more media is uploaded.

My media is misaligned - what should I do?

Sometimes our default camera positioning between the two panoramas being compared is incorrect. You can make adjustments by unlocking, adjusting as needed, then relocking. Note: these adjustments aren’t yet saved, so you’ll need to do this more than once if you come back to compare the same panoramas.

How do you choose which media to compare to?

We find the most recently captured nearest panorama (of the same type) to the selected media on the same level (or exterior). Taking care to place the pins in the correct location when capturing from the Walkthrough App will help ensure we show the right pano for comparison. If we are a bit off, you can make adjustments by switching panoramas via the dropdown in the top bar. If you’d like to compare to media on a different date, simply use the date switcher in the top bar to make adjustments. Note: it is not yet possible for users to move media marker positions themselves. Please reach out to support for help making an adjustment. We plan on adding this functionality soon.

Why can’t I add issues to my panoramas?

Issues are not yet supported on aerial/360 panoramas. We do plan to support this function for inspections in the future - stay tuned!

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