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Introducing the Move Media Pin Feature in DroneDeploy Ground

Users now can adjust the location of individual Media Pins on the Exterior Map or Interior Levels as easily as one, two, or three. This feature, known as Move Media, is designed to address minor placement errors or corrections, providing users with a more refined control over the positioning of media captures. Move Media in DroneDeploy comes with thoughtful restrictions to ensure a seamless and non-disruptive user experience.


How to Move Media:

Select the single media that you want to move directly.


Screen Shot 2024-01-31 at 8.58.45 AM.png


Then, choose the crosshair icon at the top of the media:

Screen Shot 2024-01-31 at 8.58.57 AM.png


Use the blue cursor to select a new location for that media pin: 



Once you have selected "Save" the media will be shown in the new location and no further action is needed.




  • What kind of media media can I move?
    Move Mode is exclusively available for Media represented as pins, including photos, panoramas, videos, 3D captures, and vertical imagery. It does not apply to Walkthroughs and Map Photos, ensuring a focused and specific correction capability.

  • Can I move more than one media type at a time? Does this apply to groups?
    Move Mode allows users to adjust the position of only one capture at a time. This precision ensures that users can make targeted corrections without inadvertently affecting multiple captures.

  • Who has access to move media?
    To maintain control and security, Move Mode is restricted to logged-in users with Editor or higher permissions on a project. This ensures that only authorized individuals can make adjustments, maintaining data integrity.

  • Can I do this on mobile?
    Move Mode is currently available exclusively on the web version of DroneDeploy. While users can view the adjustments made on mobile, the actual movement of Media Pins can only be done on the web platform.


Note: As of now, Move Media is available exclusively on the web platform, and we encourage users to explore this feature within the Fullscreen Media View for a seamless correction experience.

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