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🌟 Exciting News: Locations Functionality Now Available in Open Beta! 🌟

For project leaders, understanding where they are on a floor plan is just the beginning. With the Locations feature, we've elevated the game by introducing a powerful tool for categorizing the myriad photos taken during a project. This not only makes it easy to locate specific images but also enables users to narrate the unfolding story of a particular section of the job site over time. Locations provide the crucial context needed to transform project images into meaningful and actionable insights.

Locations is a physical area that can be added to the Exterior Map or Interior Level of a project. 

Here are some examples of locations:


  • Parking lot

  • Building

  • Unloading area

  • Meeting area, etc.


  • Hallway

  • Room

  • Restrooms, etc.

Overview of Locations

Creating locations provides a convenient way to organize your data. Media captured within a location will be associated with it and can be searched using the location key in the application

To create a location, ensure that you have edit access rights to the project. Any user with edit rights can add locations. DroneDeploy also allows you to create locations in bulk by clicking "Add Another Location" while in creation mode.

Create locations .gif

Users have the option to add location types. For example, you can create a location type called "Room" and further distinguish it by specifying the location name, such as bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc.

How It Works:

How to Create Locations:


Select the Locations layer located on the Left-Hand sidebar.


Click “ Add” to create a new Location.


Use the tools on the right to create a Location.


Once you’ve created your Location, you can name your location and change its color


Now you can view your Location on the floor plan.

Locations View

How to View Locations:


Each location calculates the number of captures within it, which determines the opacity of the location. The more captures, the darker the location will be.


You can view a Location using the list view in the left-hand sidebar. Selecting a Location brings up a Media Gallery showing the captures in that Location.


You can also view a Location by simply selecting it on the floorplan.


Users can also create and view Locations on the exterior view.

Media Association

Once your Location is saved, this will kick off the association process and link any media that is inside of the Location. Additionally, anytime a Location’s shape is edited, this will re-trigger the association process and update any associations that may have been added to or removed from the Location.


Here are some frequently asked questions about locations:

Q: Are locations specific to a project? A: Yes, locations are always specific to a project and will appear on every exterior map of the project. For interior locations, they will only appear on a particular level.

Q: Can I copy locations to a different project? A: No, unfortunately, locations are created within a specific project and cannot be copied to another project.

Q: If I create locations after adding captures, will my media still be associated with the location? A: Yes, the media will still be associated with the location even if you create the locations after capturing. However, it is recommended to create locations during project setup for better consistency.

Q: What happens to my captures if I delete a location? A: If you delete a location, the captures will remain on the project but lose their association with the location.


If you encounter any issues or have questions while using the Locations feature, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team at support@dronedeploy.com. Our experts are here to assist you promptly and ensure a smooth experience.

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