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"Can I use my DJI Mini Series drone in DroneDeploy?"

At this time we do not have direct application support for autonomous flight modes and missions in DroneDeploy for the DJI Mini Series. (This includes: Mini 1,2,3 and 3 Pro)

The main reason for this is the lack of a third-party SDK from the manufacturer that will allow us to operate this series of drones in DroneDeploy. If, and when this capability exists, we will certainly look at adding these platforms to our lineup.



What can I do with my mini-series drone and DroneDeploy? 

Even though we currently do not support app functionality for these drones, you can still manually capture images utilizing the DJI Fly app and your mini-series drone. Once you have captured the images, you can transfer them from your SD card to your desktop or laptop, and process them as normal in DroneDeploy.


Follow this workflow to capture images manually in DJI fly.

1. Make sure your drone is operating the most current firmware and is up-to-date.

2. Connect to the DJI fly app utilizing your controller and mobile device, or the DJI smart controller.

3. Look at your camera settings in the DJI fly app, making sure the photo size is set to 4:3 and capturing in JPEG format.

4. Go through preflight, set up, and launch. 

5. Manually fly and capture images of your subject area. Capture images squaring in your subject, taking photos, every 10ft or so from 90° angles, 65° angles, and 45° angles surrounding your subject. (Taking enough photos to ensure overlap and coverage of your area)

6. Once you have captured your area, make sure the images have been saved on your SD card.

7. Return to the office and upload the images from your SD card into a project in DroneDeploy.

8. Create, upload, process, then view!


We hope down the road we are able to support the DJI mini-series in our flight app for autonomous mapping. Until then, if you have a mini lying around and would like to put it to work on the site, you can always capture images manually and process them into your project through the desktop version of DroneDeploy.


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