Adding Web Layers

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Supported Web Layers

1.) ArcGIS Feature Server
2.) ArcGIS Map Server
3.) Tile Template URLs

Adding Web Layers

Setting Up OAuth

Layers may contain sensitive information which require authentication. DroneDeploy Web Layers support OAuth based authentication.

Step 1: Create an app within ArcGIS if you don't have one already. Make sure to enable authentication. If you are using ArcGIS Online, you can create an app at

Step 2: Add the DroneDeploy redirect URL to your app. The callback URL is

Step 3: Make sure you copy the ClientID (App ID). Now, when you go to add a layer inside of DroneDeploy, select Oauth as the authentication mechanism and enter the ClientID.

Step 4: You will be prompted to sign in with your ArcGIS credentials. Note that every user who will want to view this layer will have to sign in to their ArcGIS account.

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