App Market Overview

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An overview of DroneDeploy's App Market, and how to get started with Apps.

What is the App Market?

The App Market enables businesses to extend the power of DroneDeploy by installing 3rd party applications built by domain experts on the DroneDeploy platform to gain deeper and more specialized insights into their business operations. These apps, tightly integrated into the DroneDeploy platform, are available on all supported devices and augment flight planning, logging, data analysis, and data syncing with common industry software.


Get To Know The App Market Within Your Account

At the time of this writing, the App Market includes around 100 apps including:

  • Enterprise software integrations with Autodesk and Box
  • 3D printing of drone maps by WhiteClouds
  • Flight and compliance apps from Airmap, Skyward and others
  • On-demand fight insurance from Verifly
  • Agriculture tools including plant counting from partners like Agremo
  • Roof inspection from EZ3D

Getting Started

To view the App Market, first log in to your DroneDeploy account and then click on the hamburger menu at the top left-hand corner of the screen. Once the menu shows, click on "Apps".

On the next screen, you'll find 'All Apps' on the left, which contains the complete list of apps available on our market. You can filter and search for apps.

'Installed' will show the apps you currently have installed on your profile.

'Developer' contains the tools and settings to help you develop your own app, if you'd like to.

The List of applications available on the App Market.

To install an application, select the app. The app will open in the sidebar with a more detailed summary and a 'install' button located at the bottom. Click the install button.

Install an app by clicking on the install button.

You will then see a notification with details on what permissions the app will need access to:

Install an application if you agree with its permissions an description.

After clicking Install - your app will now be installed and ready to use!

You can also access the app market at

Finding and Using Installed Apps

All apps are available for any user to install, however, to run a paid app, you will need to be a paid DroneDeploy customer with an active subscription.

Apps appear in different areas of the DroneDeploy interface depending on what they do. For example, a flight planning app will appear in the flight planning interface, whereas an export or integration app may appear in the export menu. Here is an example of an app in the flight planning interface:

Apps related to flight planning and airspace compliance appear in the flight interface.

Here is an example of an app in the export interface. Note that export sync apps will appear for a map only after an export has been generated.

Other apps may appear within the main dashboard, on the data page (map viewer) or after the flight safety checks.

Contacting Support for an App

Have a question or issue with an app? Please contact the app developer by going to the App Market, expanding the app, and clicking on the 'Support' tab.

Removing an App

To remove an app, go to the 'Installed' tab, click on the app, and scroll down to where you found the 'Install' button upon installation last time.

View a list of currently installed applications.

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