ArcGIS Online Web Tile Layer

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Add your orthomosaic tiles into ArcGIS Maps Online.

With the ArcGIS Online Web Tile Layer app, you can seamlessly generate template links for your maps to use as web tile layers in ArcGIS Online.

Step 1 - Install the ArcGIS Online Web Tile Layer app to your DroneDeploy account.

Please click here to install the ArcGIS Online Web Tile Layer app to your DroneDeploy account.

You can also visit the App Market by navigating to the 'Apps' section in the top bar on your main dashboard screen. You can then search for the ArcGIS Online Web Tile Layer app and install from there.

Install ArcGIS Online Web Tile Layer app from the DroneDeploy App Market.

Step 2 - Locate and open the ArcGIS Online Web Tile Layer app.

Please navigate to the completed map from your dashboard that you'd like to use in ArcGIS Maps Online. The ArcGIS Online Web Tile Layer app will be located at the bottom of your side-panel. Please click on the little arrow to expand it. You should see the following:

Please click the Generate button to generate a unique link to your orthomosaic tiles. Then, copy this link.

Supported Layers
Currently, only Orthomosaic is supported for ArcGIS Online Web Tile Layers and are only available in 2D. If you are interested in uploading 3D models into ArcGis products you may want to manually export an OBJ file and convert that to an ArcGIS scene layer.
Supported Exports
Please keep in mind our tile layer only supports EPSG 3857 = Web Mercator.

Step 3 - Log in to your ArcGIS Map Online Account and Add Layer from Web.

Once you are logged in, please select the Map tab at the top of your ArcGIS Online dashboard. It should redirect you to your maps page. Then, click on the Add option with the folder icon and select Add Layer from Web.

On the My Map page, navigate to the Add drop-down and select the Add Layer from Web option.

You will want to reference your data to a Tile Layer.

Select A Tile Layer from the drop-down.

Once you have selected the tile layer option, please copy and paste the unique URL link generated in Step 2 of the ArcGIS Online Web Tile Layer app into the box:

Please paste the generated URL link from the DroneDeploy app. Then, add a Title and Credits.

You can click Add Layer when you have added a Title and Credits, and set tile coverage to the area of interest.

Step 5 - View your Web Tile Layer.

You have completed adding your web tile layer to ArcGIS Online! You should see the web tile layer displayed on the page.

*Note: Tile Layers do not provide metadata describing their extent. Search for your project location by lat/long to zoom to your map layer.

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