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Autodesk Construction Cloud / BIM 360 App Is Only available to Enterprise Users

Check out the Auto Export to ACC / BIM 360 documentation
Auto Sync to ACC / BIM 360


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DroneDeploy users can use Autodesk BIM 360 to seamlessly import their drawings as an overlay, export their DroneDeploy map data and photos directly into their BIM 360 project files, and sync DroneDeploy issues with issues in BIM 360 Docs. Below are the main features of integrating with Autodesk BIM 360, which differ with Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC).


Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 1.37.26 PM.png

DroneDeploy users can use Autodesk Construction Cloud to export their DroneDeploy map data and photos directly into their ACC project files. However, ACC users cannot sync DroneDeploy issues with issues in ACC and cannot seamlessly import their drawings as overlays.


Install DroneDeploy app to your BIM 360 or ACC account

1. Login as an Account Admin on BIM 360 or ACC and navigate to the Account Admin module

ACC Users


2. Click on the "APPS" tab from the console

ACC Users


3. Scroll and find the DroneDeploy app and click on it

ACC Users


4. Click on "Add to BIM 360" to install the application

ACC Users


Install AutoDesk Construction Cloud App to your DroneDeploy account

Please note that the Autodesk Construction Cloud App in DroneDeploy is used for both ACC and BIM 360 Users when configuring the app in DroneDeploy.

1. Please navigate to the App Market icon on the left side of your dashboard. You can then search for the Autodesk Construction Cloud app in the 'Apps' section.

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 3.57.01 PM.png

Navigating to the App Market from your dashboard.

2. You can also install the application by searching for it on the App Market webpage. Find the Autodesk Construction Cloud App.

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 1.42.18 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 1.52.58 PM.png

3. Click on "Install For My Organization"


Configure your admin connection

In order to leverage auto-sync, you will need an ACC / BIM 360 admin account to facilitate the synchronization between the two systems.

If you are not the admin of your DroneDeploy organization, please ask an admin to complete this task.

1. Navigate to your organization settings

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 4.03.25 PM.png

2. Navigate to your app management page

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 4.20.18 PM.png


3. Sign into your BIM 360 / ACC admin account and you're all set!

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 4.21.02 PM.png


Add BIM 360 drawings as DroneDeploy Overlays (BIM 360 Users Only)

Be sure to have pop-ups enabled for your browser.
Browser extensions and anti-virus software can also block new windows from opening.

1. Navigate to a DroneDeploy map and click 'Add' next to 'Project Files' on the left hand side of your screen.

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 2.58.23 PM.png


2. Click on the 'Autodesk Construction Cloud' tab in the new overlay window and sign in with your BIM360 account. 

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 3.45.18 PM.png

3. Select your desired BIM360 Hub and Project from the drop-downs to see its Plans.

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 3.49.18 PM.png

Please note that only plans from BIM 360 projects can be imported as overlays and not Autodesk Construction Cloud at this time.

4. Once you're viewing the drawings at the file-level, you're ready to import your desired overlay. Please click on the overlay file and select 'Import' in the bottom right corner of the window.Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 3.51.30 PM.png

5. From here, you can go ahead and add your overlay using our normal workflow. More information can be found in our Overlay CAD Files with DroneDeploy document.


Auto-sync DroneDeploy overlay drawing revisions from BIM 360 and Auto-export Progress Report Photos to ACC and BIM 360

Enabling Auto-sync will update the overlay in DroneDeploy anytime the file in BIM 360 is updated with the latest revisions (BIM 360 Only).

Toggling on Auto-export for Progress Report photos will push photos from photo report plans (2D photos) into BIM 360 and ACC each time they are uploaded into DroneDeploy.

1.Configure your admin connection. If you are not an admin, contact your DroneDeploy admin to help set this stage up.


2. Navigate to your Project Settings in DroneDeploy.

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 3.59.47 PM.png

3. Select the BIM 360 account and project that you would like to synchronize to and toggle on "Auto-sync drawing revisions" or "Auto-export Progress Report Photos"

Please Note: If you are using BIM 360 you are able to use auto-sync of drawing revisions, however, ACC users cannot. Both ACC and BIM 360 users can toggle on Auto-Export Progress Report Photos

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 3.59.47 PM.png

4. Now the drawings that you import from BIM 360 will always stay up to date with the latest revisions. Likewise, all photo report plan photos will be pushed into BIM 360 or ACC each time they are uploaded into DroneDeploy.


Exporting Your DroneDeploy Map To Autodesk BIM360 or ACC

Application Installed?
Please ensure the ACC / BIM 360 application is installed. Installation instructions are provided at the top of this article.

1. After selecting a map, please click on the 'Export' button in the bottom left corner to be brought to the 'Export' window.

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 4.34.10 PM.png

The 'Export' button in the left bottom corner.

2. Select "Auto" and the select "Create New"

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 4.35.11 PM.png


3. You have many options for how you want to auto-export your data each time a map is processed. 


After selecting the export type above, click "Next." The Select the Autodesk Construction Cloud App on the left hand side below. Login to Autodesk if prompted to. Then select the correct account, project and folder before hitting "Select."



4. Once your Auto-Export is create you will receive the message as shown below.

The file will need to process, and you'll receive an email when the export is done.


DroneDeploy is part of BIM 360 project home card library. You can see your latest project site, or the latest 3D model from directly within BIM 360.

1. To get started, navigate to your project in DroneDeploy and press the share button at the top right corner of the page.

2. Copy the view only link to your clipboard by selecting "Link Full Project"

3. Go to customize your BIM 360 Dashboard and select the Card Library

ACC Users navigate to "Insights" then select Card Library.

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 2.47.18 PM.png

4. Filter on Partner Cards in BIM 360 and ACC or search for DroneDeploy.

5. Choose the DroneDeploy card

6. Click on Configure

7.Paste into the Partner URL field and save

8. See your DroneDeploy project on your BIM 360 and ACC dashboard


Issue Sync to BIM360


1. Install the BIM 360 App and Configure your admin connection. If you are not an admin, contact your DroneDeploy admin to help set this stage up.

2.  Navigate to your project settings in DroneDeploy

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 2.56.10 PM.png

3. Select the BIM 360 Account and Project that you would like to push Issues to.

4. Now, issues created in DroneDeploy can be pushed to Issues in BIM 360 Document Management via the ‘Send to BIM’ button, along with a deep link back to the relevant DroneDeploy issue for visual context in the description. Once linked, DroneDeploy issues can be viewed and edited.





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